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Oct 2, 2011 08:00 AM

Have You Seen Fresh Meyer Lemons Yet?

Hoping to preserve some for the first time. Wondering when they'll be available.

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  1. My tree is just flowering now. I'd say it's gonna be awhile.

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    1. re: meadandale

      You have a meyer lemon tree??? I had know idea that you could grow one here! Are you growing it inside or is it planted on your property? And are the lemons wonderful?

      1. re: DaisyM

        Yes I have a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree and it's planted in my yard (along with a couple other dwarf citrus) but I'm out in San Diego not in Philly. Sorry for the confusion.

        Yes, the lemons are wonderful. I use them liberally for making fresh vinaigrettes and for squeezing all over fish and fresh sauteed greens (e.g. chard) from my garden.

        My trees typically have fruit in the winter and spring...e.g. Feb-March is prime time for Meyer's in my neck of the woods. Some fruit will hang on into the summer but by June or July everything is usually gone for the season (whatever I haven't picked has shriveled up and fallen off).

    2. I bought some at Wegmans in Cherry Hill last week.

      1. I saw some in Sue's Produce on 18th.

        1. They make THE best preserved lemons ! Slice them, pack them in kosher salt and fill the jar to the top with lemon juice. Turn every day for a month and voila. No need to refrigerate. I eat them on everything.

          1. Wegman's has them most of the time.