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Oct 2, 2011 07:10 AM

self guided food walks in paris

we are only going to be in Paris the late morning on October 8th and leaving the morning/afternoon of the 9th. we don't have much time, but would enjoy walking a couple of areas of Paris where we could mix markets with shopping and maybe something more cultural. i assume nothing is open on sundays, but was hoping for some ideas for saturday. sorry to be so vague, but really am open to anything. love the open markets, but se are only here for a very short time. any ideas?

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  1. If you search "paris markets" in the search box on top right of this page, there are at least 8 threads that would give you a ton of info to go on.

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    1. R Lenoir food market open the 9th early at Bastille, great market.

      1. The Raspail Organic market is only on Sundays.