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Oct 2, 2011 05:44 AM

what to do with leftover cornbread?

I've got a bunch left over from a dinner party....what should I do with it?

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  1. crumble it up in milk for breakfast

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      yup, but I'd switch that to buttermilk!

    2. Cornbread dressing. Serve it with chicken.

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        Ooh, +1! This stuffing recipe is especially delish with cornbread:

        I skipped the liver, heart and almonds. Looks like this:

      2. Add enough light cream or milk to crumbled cornbread to create a crust and press it into the bottom of a baking dish. Then create a baked, 7 layer taco dip (refried beans, browned ground beef or grilled diced chicken, shredded cheese, red or black beans, etc.) on top of that crust and bake until the cheese is bubbly. Top with sour cream, slices of avocado and serve like a casserole.

        1. I had a great side dish at a Shaker restaurant several years ago. It was a savory bread pudding made with cubes of cornbread and a custard of light cream and eggs, into which was stirred onions sauteed in butter until
          golden, and herbs. In replicating it, I used summer savory, and for color, some chopped chives.

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            I have made cornbread bread pudding too, only it was sweet, with vanilla and fresh figs. The key is to soak the cornbread in milk or custard for quite a long time before assembling so that it doesn't absorb all the liquid and dry the whole pudding out while baking.

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              I saw your recipe on another part of chowhound, I'll givce it a try @grey

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                could be a sweet or savory bread pudding

              2. ""what do you do with leftover cornbread?" < various things:

                1. cut into cubes-season + a little oil bake and use as croutons for salad or soup
                2. crumb + mix with fresh chopped herbs and melted butter- use as topping for vegetables (like au gratin brussels sprouts with bacon) or casseroles or mac+cheese
                3. crumble and toss in yard on grass for the mountain critters that live here
                4. crumble-mix into applescotch apple pie mix for a little texture bite and flavor