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Oct 2, 2011 03:25 AM

Need a good restaurant in the king of pruissa area, its my birthday today

Help meeee please! I am looking for a great place for tonight, any cusine.

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  1. Since that is a Philly suburb, you should really have tried the Philadelphia board.

    1. Happy Birthday! I have only eaten at Legal Seafood and Cheesecake Factory in KOP. I enjoyed both very much but my expectations were not sky high. The earlier the better if you decide to hit the factory. Or you could go to Legal and then grab a cake to go from the factory to enjoy at home. They have a whole case of cakes to ogle, I think a lot of people just stop in and get one on their way home. Makes me kind of glad I don't live nearby.

      1. If you like steak, Capitol Grille, if you like steak and seafood, Creeds is a great independent restaurant. I would avoid Sullivans, Ruth Chris and Mortons. If you are into eating light you might consider Seasons 52.

        1. The Melting Pot is always fun!

          1. So where did you end up? Hope your birthday was happy!