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Oct 2, 2011 01:54 AM

LES and Theatre District - reasonable and classic

I'm coming back to the city next month and although I'll be staying in the LES, we're reviewing a lot of shows so will be spending a lot of time in the theatre district. I'm coming with someone who's never been to New York before and would love some recommendations. It will be weekdays and would like

Breakfasts in LES or walkable from there
Ideas for pre theatre snacks or post theatre dinners

reasonably priced - 20 an entree?

Any ideas? Thank you

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  1. In the Theatre District, I recommend the new E&E Grillhouse on 49th near Broadway, across from Books of Mormon. Reasonable prices, nice ambience,wonderful hangar steak and the kale salad is memorable. You can get a fish or chicken entree in the range you have set.

    E&E Grill House
    233 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019

    1. Overally I think the Lower East Side is more of a weekend brunch place than a weekday breakfast place.

      That said, for weekday breakfast on the LES, I would recommend Shopsin's (no cell phones, no more than 4 people, no copying others' orders, it's known for a long and wacky menu, assuming no allergies/picky eaters, and you're OK with cursing, check hours before you go) and Clinton St Baking Company (known for pancakes, weekdays are best, the line is murder on weekends).

      You can read more about them in a previous post I did here (scroll down to #4 and #5):

      If you are on the northern/western end of the LES, you might be within a short walk of some East Village options like Peels and Veselka.

      Shopsin's General Store
      120 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

      144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

      Clinton Street Baking Co.
      4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

      325 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

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      1. re: kathryn

        You gotta do Shopsin's and Clinton St. Baking Co. for breakfast. Weekday late mornings/early afternoons are PERFECT time to go to either one.

        Shopsin's General Store
        120 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

        Clinton Street Baking Co.
        4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

      2. I was going to meet up with a friend for post-work dinner in the Theater District next week. I'll copy-paste the list I made for her. Other than The Modern Bar Room, the rest should be within your price range. You might want to double-check on the hours though, depending on what time your show starts and ends.

        The Modern Bar Room: $40-$50
        really wonderful modern French restaurant next to the MoMA, amazing desserts

        Sushiden: $20-40
        great sushi, excellent quality

        Trattoria Trecolori: $15-25
        nice Italian place

        Szechuan Gourmet: $10-20
        one of the best Sichuan restaurants in the city

        Menchanko-Tei: $10-$15
        excellent pork broth ramen

        The Modern
        9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

        Trattoria Trecolori
        254 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

        Szechuan Gourmet
        21 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

        43 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

        123 W 49th St, New York, NY 10020

        Szechuan Gourmet
        244 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

        1. For a reasonably priced lunch or dinner on the LES, my wife and I are in love with Frankies, on Clinton St. I'm also a big fan of Clinton St. Baking Co. for breakfast. In addition to magnificent blueberry pancakes (served all day long), they also have excellent huevos rancheros and great baked goods. (I've never been to Frankies for breakfast, but they do serve Stumptown, my favorite coffee!)

          Frankies 17 Spuntino
          17 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

          Clinton Street Baking Co.
          4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

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