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Oct 1, 2011 10:40 PM

A Westside Arepa to note........

I will start by saying, these are not the be all and end all of arepas. My wife Dommy would still prefer to schlep out to El Carriel Bakery in Huntington Park for their excellent arepas but the ones at Savor's can hold their own and maybe do a bit more.

Savor's is in the old Tacos Don Jorge space and is looking vaguely more to the south than just to Mexican cuisine. Among the Tacos and Tortas on the menu, they also have empanadas, arepas and interesting sets of toppings for their perro calientes

But I am here to talk about the arepa. They cook it to order. It takes about 10 minutes, but is worth the wait since most of that time is spent frying the shell to a crisp golden brown deliciousness. Then you have choices of meat. All of the Mexican standards are there but they are done well. They seem to roast a ton of chicken for the day and their carnitas was wonderfully porky. Added to the mix are their salsa cremas which are made in house. The one served with the carnitas Arepa was a flavorful guajillo chile cream sauce and the pollo had a creamy herb one.

The one fault I have with this and it is a big one, is the shredded cheese. Since it's kept in a refrigerator until assembling the arepas, it never gets past barely warm and never into the melty place it should go. Dommy says I should just order it sans queso but I haven't had the nerve because they seem so proud.

This is an arepa which is worth checking out. I'd love to hear others opinions on this. As I said, the one at El Carriel is worth the trek but the one at Savor is worth a try.

El Carriel Bakery
2405 Randolph St, Huntington Park, CA 90255

8693 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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  1. I had the arepa at Savor's and agree with you whole heartedly. Excellent masa shell and meat innards, but cheese that is not even close to melted. It's also worth mentioning that ordering an arepa without cheese, well, it's like ordering a ice cream sundae without hot fudge, it's just not worth it.

    Maybe I can convince them to put the arepa in the salamander for a bit to unlock the stringy, gooey potential of this baby...

      1. re: kevin

        For some reason the places link only works in the post for my log in but that may be because I created both entries but you should see the link to Savor's on the side of the post.

        8693 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          I went to Savor's this afternoon to check out the hot dogs. They have 5 types: American, Mexican, Chilean, Venezuelan, and Italian. I talked to the owner (I guess) and since I don't speak Spanish it was a bit difficult to understand. I asked if the Mexican hot dog was bacon wrapped, but he said nothing about the bacon and it was very spicy. Wanted to try two so he suggested the Venezuelan and the Chilean. They were different, but the frank and the bun were not special (not the skinned frank, regular hot dog bun). They have a surprisingly large menu on the wall, but it takes a little while to make some of the stuff. The juice was good. I got the melon (listeria be d*mned!), and it was made fresh with the juicer and very, very cold.
          No website yet (as I asked). I mentioned the unmelted cheese from Mattapoisett's review and he said he had straightened his crew out. He said he made them when he was a university student in Venezuela. The hours (currently) are 8am-10pm (Sun to Thurs.) and 8am to midnight (Fri-Sat.). I think the address is 8693 Venice (the old Tacos Don Jorge space) as mentioned earlier. It's near the Helms building, but on the north side of Venice. The cross street is Cattaraugus (sp?).

            1. re: Feed_me

              FYI the picture of the Arepa with all the unmelted cheese was taken last night. AKA, the night of the post. Maybe they saw the post and have rectified it. I can only hope.

              1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                I gave the arepa a shot today. The cheese in the bun was melty, but the cheese on the edge of the bun was not. Still....I did enjoy it as did my friend. The hours and address I mentioned above are correct. The phone # 310-733-0044. They do take out, but have no take out menus (yet) and still no website, but they say they will be available soon.

                1. re: Feed_me

                  Still no website for the place, but there is a menu listed online.

                  1. re: Feed_me

                    has anyone tried the al pastor taco? i see the spit set up on my way to the gym and am dying to try it!

                    1. re: NYCnowLA

                      Went last night to check out the arepas. Agreed that they were quite tasty and worth the short wait. Couldn't pass up the al pastor tacos, which were good (especially w/ the salsas that have a little bit more flavor than some of the more typical ones that one finds).
                      We tried the lengua, asada, carnitas, guisado and al pastor for our various meat choices and all were pretty good. The asada was a bit oily. Our favorites were the guisado and the al pastor.
                      Next on my list is to check out Tacos Leo truck to compare trompos.