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Oct 1, 2011 10:09 PM

Anne Burrell


You biased, simpleton whacks, Anne Burrell is a chef trying yo teach beginners how to cook! She makes difficult procedures look easy and encourages watchers to reach out to improve their product. The rancid remark about Batali and her partnership only shows your lack of humanity Be thankful we have someone trying to improve our abilities.

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    1. Anne Burrell....sigh! She is great at making cooking easy, but If I hear say "Hi Cutey" to a piece of food one more time I am going to vomit. Thank goodness for TIVO, I can fast forward through all that and get the general idea of the recipe without having to hear her 4 standard joky catch phrases. Sad really she seems quite competent,...I wonder if they let her swear like I am sure she does while working the line if it might be more interesting.

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