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Oct 1, 2011 09:46 PM

2 Part Galette Question....Any savory bakers out there?

I have a recipe I like for a rustic galette with roasted butternut squash and carmelized onions. Although it has (gruyere) cheese in it, it can be a bit dry and I wonder if it wouldn't be better with something a little saucy (bechamel maybe?). But, I am not a successful improviser. Can a more experienced cook/baker please tell me:
1. If you take a standard galette dough recipe and add roasted vegetables and cheese, would the addition of bechamel sauce make the crust soggy? (No recipe I find has a sauce added, so I think I'm probably wrong.) Is there anything I can do differently to make the gaette less dry once baked?
2. I want to drop a galette off for my mom. Do I bake it and have her re-heat, or should I just assemble it with instructions for her to bake? How do you know when to bake and reheat vs/ bake and eat?

Thanks so much for sharing your advice/expertise!

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  1. Maybe you could add some dabs of butter to the top to make it more moist? I think this is the sort of thing where you'll just have to test things out and see how they go.

    I would bake it and have her re-heat. I would be worried about the galette keeping it's shape during transport if it wasn't baked (or getting holes in the bottom).

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        +1 on bake and reheat. It will be fine. She may want to cover it with foil until the end so the crust doesn't get overdone.

      2. One nice thing to add is a drizzle of creme fraiche after it comes out of the oven. It moistens the squash a bit and goes really well with those flavors.

        I agree with the bake, and then re-heat suggestion. I like these things room temp, myself.

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          Thanks for the suggestion. I will test it out!

        2. I do a roasted vegetable galette with a Boursin filling. Just mix the Boursin package (about 5-6 oz, I think) with an egg, and spread over the center of the dough, leaving about 2" border. Pile about 3 cups of roasted veg (onions, fennel, mushrooms, cadets, butternut squash---whatever) in the center and fold the edges in, galette- style. Bake it off, and fight for your fair share! So, so good!

          1. You can add a little bit of egg beaten with cream or whole milk and salt and pepper to moisten the filling. This will create just enough custard to bind everything together and keep the filling moist. Start by beating one egg with 1/2 c. of cream and mixing about 3/4 of that with your filling. It might be a little more challenging to crimp the crust over the filling---be careful not to get it too wet.

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              By the way, I've done this with a potato and swiss chard galette with good results. Here's a photo:

            2. Maybe steam the squash first, and smash/puree some of it. Steaming will make it more juicy. Smooth the smash down first. Arrange the rest on top... for more texture. I would bake it myself first (in pretty hot oven on the bottom shelf like pie) before giving it to Mom. Room temp. sounds nice too. Just guessing... good luck.