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Oct 1, 2011 08:56 PM

Final 91st Birthday meal

My father's children are treating him to a final meal in his favorite city, Paris. ..a tall order. I would really appreciate up-to-the-minute reviews of "the perfect French Bistro" (as seen through the eyes of a 90 year old, who started visiting France in the 50's) Ambience is important, as is tolerance of a bit of slowness...really edgy, cutting-edge food isn't important- excellent, basic preparation and ingredients are...suggestions would be very appreciated. We are staying in the 4th, so proximity would be nice...

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  1. Is cost important ? If not, L'Ami Louis would be my choice for any birthday. Opinion varies on this board ranges from positive to negative, but IMHO, a place l hit at least once every trip.

    1. You might consider Chez Georges on Rue du Mail. It certainly has a 50's bistro ambience and the food is classic bistro. As I have said before, the only cutting edge you will find there will be on the steak knives.

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        I would chose the Chez Georges on Pereire which dates back to the twenties. Management has changed, but not the menu offerings. Bobos will not be found here, but seniors will feel right at home.