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Oct 1, 2011 08:17 PM

warren pears

anyone know where these are available in los angeles?
santa monica?
i had my first pear last week and am hooked.

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  1. You might check with Frog Hollow Farms and see what they can tell you (although I note that their website says that Warren pears are not available through them at this time).

    1. i bought four last week at See's Canyon stand at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmers market. They were good, but ripen very quickly. Almost all the ones there were ripe to overripe. Very sweet.

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        I just got these from Specialty Produce in San Diego last week and it looks like Frog Hollow has them again. I wrote up a review off them on my blog a couple days ago. Good stuff.

      2. Good stuff. I tried them for the first time at Craft last week.

        1. there's a new grower at Santa Monica farmers market who has them now every week. Unfortunatley, he may not be there longer unless people let the market management know they want his stuff (only grower of Pyrus communis pears - not the asian sand pears).