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Oct 1, 2011 07:27 PM

zaza pizza/scarsdale

went there again recently, place was crowded at 830 pm, sals music way too loud, and unrelenting. service a little goofy, bread poor, asked for parmesan cheese three times, they gave me cheese, but it was never parmesan, caesar sale, weak
i won't order entrees there,
alas we come to the pizza which is very good

will i go back, yes

however i would rather eat at
tarry lodge
zero otto nove

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  1. I've passed that place. How would you compare the pizzas to Pepe's, Tarry, and Zero Otto Nove?
    For me, Tarry and 089 are similar types, and Pepe's is sui generis. Is it more similar to 089?

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    1. re: roxlet

      I've eaten at all 4 places you mention. I think
      Zaza's is better than Pepe's, but not nearly as good as 089 & TL. 089 is my favorite. In my opinion the crust falls short. Not as puffy and chewy as a true Neapolitan pizza.

        1. re: JanRan

          best part is that i asked 4 times for parmesan cheese, they gave me everything but parmesan cheese, bad thing , not cool they gave lawful stale cheese that was like swiiss or munster, definitely not parmesan, after 4th time i sent all cheeses back, and said fugget about it lolol

        2. re: roxlet

          not comparing amici, not comparing go try the pizza its good

        3. Pizza is legit. If you notice its pale white which shows you they are using that really good, fine flour. It was crunchy, chewy and light all at the same time. Never had 089 or tarry. Cant compare pepe's because you just get a huge, greaseball pie. I hate the way they cut it there too.

          1. are you referring to the zero otto nove on arthur ave in the bronx or did they open another location in westchester?

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            1. re: dgeats

              I've been to both - on Arthur Avenue & the newer one which is around 21st off Fifth Avenue. Both are excellent - same menu - or very similar. Ambiance is better in the Manhattan location.