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Oct 1, 2011 06:59 PM

High Tea

Looking for place for my wife and her granddaughter to have high tea. I want the atmosphere to be special and a place she can put on her best dress and feel like a little lady. Location should be within 30 miles of the SFV or LA.

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  1. The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills does a lovely High Tea.

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      I just found this online. It seems to be what we are looking for but I am thankful for other suggestions as well.

    2. if your wife likes a little old school and fancy what about the beverly hills hotel .the polo lounge

      1. The tea room at Huntington Gardens in South Pasadena. At the edge of your driving parameters, perhaps. I do feel the prices have gone up rather steeply without a commensurate upgrade of the food, and you do have to pay to get into the grounds in addition.

        That said, the room is nice with a nice view of the rose garden or the herb garden, the selection of food is substantial (buffet, rather than plated--tea sandwiches, salads, cheese and crackers, fruit, and desserts), the scones are yummy and they will package the extras to go. And walking the gardens is a lovely way to spend an afternoon...and if she is all dressed up, then a meander through the main house pretending she lives there should make her day.

        1. My favorite is the Langham, Pasadena. It's a beautiful room, top-notch service, and depending on the age of the granddaughter, it's kid-friendly and offers kids tea sandwiches. Tea is only served on certain days, however, with a chocolate tea on Sunday.

          1. I think you're looking for Afternoon Tea, as opposed to high tea, no?

            I like the Americana version that Clementine does. Jin does a nice tea service, but isn't traditionally British either.

            Some people like the Tudor House, but I haven't been.

            Tudor House
            1403 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401