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Oct 1, 2011 06:40 PM

bluestar oven ignition system. Glow bar? Spark?

Does anybody know what kind of ignition system the Blue Star RCS system has?
Glow bar?

If it is a glow bar, does anybody know how many Watts?
(Not exactly info they tout in their website propaganda)

I tried to e-mail them and got no response.
I called them and was first told that it's a gas oven and does not use electricity.
Then I was sent to the parts dept. and they told me it was 120amps. That would mean it was drawing 14400 watts. I think I could melt steel with that.
I think they meant it needs 120 volts (typical household power) but that doesn't answer my question.

We need to know this as we are "off grid" and simply can not run an oven if it needs 1600watts (or something similar)

We need something with spark ignition.


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  1. I don't think there's a "home" oven that uses spark ignition anymore I could be wrong but it seems to me liability insur. would be a problem. I doubt very much an ignitor(glowbar) uses anywhere near 1600watts. From the little searching I did , glowbars use 250 to 500 watts depending on the make. If you are off grid , see if you can find a rv oven big enough, no ignitor at all, you just have to heat a thermo couple up with a bbq lighter and the gas comes on.
    It has a glowbar for sure , same post at gardenweb

    1. Thanks.
      And the search goes on and on and on....

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        Thing is, the burners use 120V power for spark ignition, too. Not sure how much current they use. There's also the light in the oven, and my recollection is that the RCS doesn't have a convection fan. The broiler also has a hot-surface igniter. Some combo of those could all be on at once.

        Their typical literature says that you need a dedicated 15A circuit for the range. The number that's popping to mind for actual usage is around 8A (likely including the fan).

        I have to admit that it'd be easy to find out with a Kill-a-Watt, except for pulling the range out to plug it in. Not so psyched to do that.