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Oct 1, 2011 06:28 PM

Awesome little BBQ place

We took the kids to Storyland and had planned to eat at our usual standby, Moat Mountain. Of course we left it too late and the line was too long. We then found ourselves at Hill's Top BBQ on Route 16/302 in Bartlett and were so glad we did. I had the smoked prime rib, which was great but slightly underdone (I didn't send it back since there was way more meat than I could eat as it was). It had a really flavorful smoky jus on the side, which I must admit I basically ate with everything I could dip in it. My husband had some of the best baby back ribs we've had in a long time- really tender meat, awesome dry rub, just the best. The fried green bean appetizer was ok, very nicely crispy but really no bean flavor. The fries are great, as are the sweet potato fries. Excellent brownie for dessert. We will return for sure!

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  1. Oops, I forgot to specify- this is Bartlett, NH just outside of North Conway.

    1. Went there when they first opened and loved it too. Glad to hear they are getting some love here.
      Did you try the Alabama Style White BBQ Sauce?

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        I was wondering what that was- they only wrote the initials on the bottle! It was awesome.

      2. I'm sad to report we tried to go there today- CLOSED! Much tears from the Maglettes. And me, frankly.