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Oct 1, 2011 04:47 PM

HAUNTING FOOD FROM PAST maternal grandmother's Brunswick Stew. She added lavender, thyme, some white wine; I've never been able to duplicate it.

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  1. The sauce at Merle and Grady Nash's Hickory Pit in Gravois Mills, MO in the 50s and 60s. The recipe was lost when the Grady died and the family shut the doors. Nothing like it.

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      Bob, I have Grady's sauce recipe. I got it in November. I have been making it and giving it away and it looks like I will be marketing it. Get in touch with me and I will happily send you a bottle or two to try and would welcome your opinion. Thanks, Marty

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        I have emailed you about Nash's BBQ sauce, several times, but no reply, please contact me at

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        Bob, attempted to contact BigMBBQ several times for Nash's sauce but have failed: Did you have any success? Gravois Lake road 7 was my home back then. Email me at

      3. Call this a long gone guilty pleasure, but I still have fond memories of Franco American macaroni and cheese. Sold in a can, with long, thick spaghetti-type macaroni noodles and a white cheese sauce, it was a real treat when I was a kid. Sadly, it has been off the market for many years now.

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          I loved that, too...but my memories of it, though fond, are of something that probably really wasn't all that great.

        2. Howard Johnson's cole slaw (served of course with fried clams.) Nothing has ever met it for taste.

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            I'm with you on the clams, BB. Had them for lunch on Telegraph as often as I could!

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              Our birthday treat, when we were young and we could go anywhere. 13 Mile & Woodward, w/ peppermint chip ice cream for dessert.

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                "Our birthday treat, when we were young and we could go anywhere. 13 Mile & Woodward, w/ peppermint chip ice cream for dessert."

                I loved HoJo's so much it was my request to go after my first holy communion in 2nd grade! Loved, loved, loved those fired clams. And yes, peppermint chip ice cream for dessert!!!

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              my husband would agree with you about the HOJO's fried clams. that's all he EVER got in Howard Johnsons, wish they were still around. for him also. there was a restaurant on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills [when we were baby's, young and dating, he'd take me to]. he'd always order abalone. as a scuba diver who'd dive for his abalone around Catalina, he preferred to be able to buy it at a nice restaurant and get out of the pounding himself.

              for me

              it's the chili cheeseburger from Mission Burrito in Woodland Hills that I've been trying to find and duplicate... it's eluded me all these years. also the date nut bread from VandeKamps cafe that was also sold in supermarkets.

            3. Chef Carolyn Buster's recipe for beef bourgignon at The Cottage in Calumet City haunts me. There must have been a tremendous amount of carmelized onion in the recipe because it seemed very sweet and, yet, was a savoury dish. It was the best beef bourgignon I ever had. Meaty, sweet, with a noticeable kick from the red wine, it was just unforgettable. Alas, The Cottage closed after Chef Buster and her husband were divorced and the Chef died about seven or eight years ago, approximately.

              Subsequently, the Chef taught cooking classes at a school for a while and was involved in some PBS work. Some of her recipes were preserved for posterity, but, as far as I can tell, the beef bourgignon recipe was not one of them. If anyone has this recipe, I would really like to get it.

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                Sorry! I forgot to mention where The Cottage and Calumet City were/are located. Calumet City is a city a few miles south of Chicago in an extremely industrial area. The Cottage was located on a busy industrial road and was the most incongruously located restaurant I had ever seen.

              2. Burnt ends from Jack's barbecue in Nashville in 1993. Meat candy! My one and only trip to TN - I live in New England. We have some good burnt ends here now but nothing to compare with Jack's. And of course the continuing list of favorites discontinued by Trader Joe's.....sigh.