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Oct 1, 2011 04:39 PM


I eat sardines for dinner once or twice/wk. Usually, I'll eat them on really good crackers w/a dollop of Dijon & 1 piece of Bread&Butter pickles. Occasionally, I'll put them in a shallow bowl & drizzle Amy's portabella salad dressing over them, including some sliced fresh uncooked veg. I like cucumber w/sardines, tomatoes are good, also, red onions are probably my favorite addition to sardines. Although I try not to purchase staples, basic foods @Whole Foods/Greenlife etc. I have found their sardines to be of v high quality (I buy the ones in olive oil + lemon). I sometimes substitute sardines in recipes calling for anchovies; but, purists would find this horrifying. I've had sardines several other ways (eg mashed + mayo etc like tuna fish salad or used for sandwich filling, but I'm not v fond of these preparations).

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  1. I was raised in a household that didn't cook any fish that tasted like fish- mother was from southeastern Illinoisand her palate once she left home had aexpanded a lot, but not toward the real fish, although she told me about when she had her first Caesar salad in Los Angeles, in the late 1940s, and for her it was a life-changing experience. I have no idea if it was before or after they started adding anchovies to Caesar salad. I drew away from the sardines for years until a friend had brought some canned Kipper Snacks to a party, offered me some, and I was pretty much transformed at that moment. I spent some time tasting the various canned oily fish, then went to visit a friend on Alaska's Kenai peninsula. Woohoo! I thought i hated salmon until we cooked up some that had been caght that day- absolutely red flesh, and too wonderful to describe. After that I discovered sushi, and yellowtail and eventually Spanish mackerel. I realized then that I was in a landlocked city and I didn't know squat about the oily fish- there were more beautiful mariscos to be had. I love all those little wonderful oily fish if they're fresh or well-preserved now. I don't care for the jarred herring in wine or sour cream, though.

    1. @cbjones...MANY of us here on Chowhound adore the lowly sardine....I eat them along with salmon and kippers about 4-5 times each week...GREAT Omega 3's! Thanks!

      1. Sardine sandwich: rye bread, mayo/Dijon mustard, thinly sliced sweet onion, sardines to cover one slice, press together...wonderful!

        1. Lots of pre existing sardine threads here...

          And also by using the search tool at the top of this page for sardines in general chowhounding topics.