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Oct 1, 2011 04:30 PM

Been to Acitron Mexican Restaurant Lately?

Has anyone else been in the last few months? This place has lots of neg. web reviews and some good; i am so picky about Mexican and am hesitant to try it, but I would be thrilled if it were really good in its sauces and flavorings. Two June and Sept. visits to Acitron were just mentioned here:

acitron website:


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  1. I've been to Acitron three times now (twice in the last month) and I think the food is generally very good. I highly recommend the gazpacho, ceviche, and salmon entree. There is also a nice roast pork entree with pickled onions and a delicious tres leches cake. The sides are also good, especially the elote (corn). It's not cheap, but a decent value for what you get and a great addition to Arlington. I've also been for brunch and that is yummy too.

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      I've heard the bar manager is really into "flair" bartending. Is this obnoxious practice taking place?

    2. I've been there several times, most recently about a month ago. It is definitely not your typical Mexican "taco" place. I've tried several dishes like tostadas de tinga, filete sonorense and camarones en mole de tamarindo and I can honestly say this is authentic Mexican cuisine, what I'd expect to find in an upscale Mexican restaurant in Mexico City. I'm somewhat surprised by the negative reviews you mentioned, I checked Yelp reviews and most of the negatives are service related. There is a review on Yelp from someone in San Diego that claims he "knows" Mexican food and this is not it; what I'd say to this person is that Mexican cuisine is so varied that he might be familiar only with food from a certain region and quite frankly he's missing out. Acitron's menu includes dishes from different regions, including the Northwest (Filete Sonorense), Pacific Coast (Ceviche), Central Mexico (Quesadillas Surtidas) and Southeast (Cochinita). While this sounds like they cover a lot, there is still more variety to discover! I'd definitely recommend you try it, please post a follow up if you do.

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        r, will do, thnx to your helpful reply!

      2. headed there tonight , in case anyone has further recs. thnx much.