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hey home cooks,the holidays will be here soon!

Christmas and Chanukah will be here before we know it !
What cooking related item would you like? (I'm not buying, I'm just asking, LOL)

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  1. kitchen-aid mixer, a food processor, and the steak knives to finish off my wusthof knife bock.

    that was too easy! :)

    1. PĂ©rigord truffles. Couple of kilos because I'm not like, being greedy or anything. For hardware, perhaps a desktop rotavap.

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        always ask for more than what you want. First step in negotiating! ha ha.

      2. Got everything I could have wanted last year (husband really spoiled me) got a KA, microplane, Kevlar gloves (I've taken off my thumbtip/knuckles a few times) and Alton Brown's cookbook.
        So this year, my wish is for all you hounds to get what you ask for. :D looking forward to the oncoming deluge of pie and turkey talk.

        1. Most expensive thing will be a KA mixer. Least expensive would be a cute new apron.

          1. Looking forward to the new kitchen being completed. Original completion date was August 30th!

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              You have my sincere sympathies. Our remodel was 3 years ago, and while they were on-time and fast, living like we were at a campsite wasn't fun.

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                We're in the process of doing a lot of cosmetic updates to the house we bought in May. We should be finished with everything except the kitchen by November. I've informed Mr. Mandycat that we are taking a three month sabbatical before starting that daunting task. You can live without the second bathroom or the TV room or the guest room. But taking your kitchen apart is the equivalent of a heart transplant. Good luck!

              2. ANOTHER KA mixer. This time a white one so I can trade my dad for his hobart-built one from the 70's.

                I also want a foodsaver/vac packer desperately. And perhaps an ice cream maker. Maybe nesting circular cookie/dough cutters?

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                  I've got my mother's KA mixer from the mid-70's and it's Hobart-build. I had no idea that they went to plastic parts later. No wonder I still love it so. And then there's the nice, 70's mustard-yellow color. Sad thing is, I'm now gluten-free. Oh well. I'll always fondly remember all the pound cakes I made in it over the years.

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                    KA did go to plastic parts for awhile but consumers complained; last I heard they went back to metal gears.

                    I need a few more stainless steel saute pans, a new non stick pan for eggs, a good boning knife, and cookbooks, cookbooks, cookbooks.

                2. I'd like this food scale http://www.oldwillknottscales.com/my-...

                  I wouldn't mind getting a Kitchenaid or Cuisinart food processor although I'm not sure I would use it as much as the price deserves.

                  1. It took a while, but I finally chose a Cuisinart stand mixer over KA and Viking. If there were *big* differences it wouldn't have been a hard choice.

                    But can someone tell me how Hobart can ask over $2000 for a 5 quart stand mixer?

                    1. a leg of venison. . . maybe some other stuff.

                      1. Big green egg-big one with all the trimmings.

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