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Oct 1, 2011 02:39 PM

Favilla -Asheville New Pizza Joint

Noticed a new Pizza Place on Patton----- NYC Pizza
Anybody eat there
Is it really NYC Pizza Thin and Gooey?

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  1. I replied to your query about Favilla's but mistakenly started a new SE thread. I hope that you will take the time required to read my post. IMO Favilla's is the only authentic NY Pizza in Asheville (West Avl location). I am a transplant from NY/NJ. If you try it, I'd like to know what you think. Try the salads...

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      The easiest way to refer someone to your post is to copy and past the url link to it like this.


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        Ms. Wong: I'll figure it all out sooner than later and without too many gaffes. At some point, like you and others who have sent posts w/a variety of questions & suggestions, I'll be in a position to assist the uninitiated if indicated.

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          Tried it tonight and we still prefer Marcos. Cheese and crust @ Marcos are of a higher quality and marinara was no question - Marcos had Favilla's beat by a mile. Our Greek salad was nothing more than romaine and a few kalamatas and a sprinkling of feta. The dressing was sweet, not lemony or tangy. Service was fine but we'll stick with Marco's. Favilla's was also much more expensive.

          1. re: miss piggy

            Favilla's is not a restaurant. Marco's is a restaurant that would be compared to Nona Mia's, Vinnie's etc. My claim that Favilla's is the only authentic NY Pizza in Asheville is based on it's comparison to the type of (usually streetcorner) pizza place that one would find in any NY/NJ working class Italian neighborhood. Like Favilla's, these pizza parlors often have no tables/chairs. You run in for a "slice" curl it in either the NY or NY manner, and you're transported to working-class Italy. There is no other place in Asheville besides Favilla's that transports one back to that atmosphere. I was raised in a working-class Italian neighborhood in NJ. I doubt that Andrew is competing for the label "best pizza in W NC"; he is trying to bring true working-class Italian to Asheville. Finally, I'm sorry that you weren't pleased with the Greek salad; I recommend the Spinach or the CA Chicken. I'm choosing not to rate Favilla's because the place is a classic.

            1. re: cbjones1943

              please note, favilla's does have some limited outdoor seating, weather permitting. it's my understanding they are (or have) contemplating(ed) a move to a space with seating. their pizza is good (it's become my go to, appr 3x per month); hands down the best of its type on this side of town. a few caveats, the crust can occasionally be chewy &, oddly for pizza, it sometimes lacks a little salt. i really like the meatball parm pizza. haven't been impressed with the salad dressings; overly sweet & they have a bottled mouth-feel.

              as for marco's, that's pretty darn good pizza, too. crust is good and pretty consistent, although they often don't get enough char on it unless you ask for it. while their sauce is good, it can be watery, which results in a soggy pie; therefore, i don't get toppings (ie veg) that might exude additional liquid. i'd have a hard time denigrating their cred as i've met marco several times and you can definitely still tell from whence he hails. also, i fondly recall his much more hole-in-wall beginnings.

              as to prices, favilla's basic pizzas are actually cheaper than marco's, but favilla's toppings are more. favilla's specialty pizzas are slightly more expensive than marco's. marco's salads are cheaper (and better - for the dressing if nothing else) than favilla's.

              for me, which i go to is determined more by where i am in town when i decide to get pizza, and where i intend to eat said pizza. when they're firing on all cylinders, marco's edges out favilla's, but favilla's delivers a more consistent pizza experience.

              1. re: mark

                Thank you, mark; I'll definitely try Marco's again from a different perspective. I didn't know that Favilla's is planning to expand. I'll hold my breath since it probably means that Andrew won't be making the pizzas anymore, and expansion often means lower overall quality. Not to challenge your experience, but my opinion of Favilla's salad dressings is the opposite of yours. I'll be certain to make the effort to compare M's & F's v closely in near future.

                1. re: cbjones1943

                  i'm with you on that one. favilla's is great as is. i always get there early for my order just so i can watch them, specifically andrew, work. he was, at one point, contemplating the vacated nona mia space; no idea if that's still in the air.

                  i enjoy the bolognese pizza (it's an off menu item) at marco's; little heartier fare than the norm (good for cooler weather), and it avoids the watery marinara. i only eat their regular pizzas at the resto; if it's a watery day, it will not survive 20 minutes in a cardboard box (yuck - pizza soup).

          2. re: cbjones1943

            Good attitude! I just wanted to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible, as you seem to have a lot to share. You can also check the Site Talk board for other tips or to ask questions about site mechanics, such as using "manage your links" to add a place link like this.

            Favilla's New York Pizza
            1093 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806

          3. re: Melanie Wong


            Are you back in North Carolina?

            As I said before you were my "go to " in SF Bay Area

            Regards fom Asheville

            1. re: mustardgirl

              Sadly no. I had the time of my life in NC and hope to return soon.