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Does anyone "snack" on croutons?

Y'know, in the same way you snack on potato chips?

I just made a big batch of croutons and have been munching on them for the past hour or so.

A bit of garlic salt, EVOO, oregano and some chili pepper flakes. Beats just about any potato chip I've encountered of late.

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  1. Whenever I make Caesar salad I have to make three times as many croutons as I need just becuase of snacking on them. If others are around I have to increase the overload even more.

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      That's me and mine, too. Applies as well to bacon intended for green beans, chocolate chips on their way in to cookies, and grated cheese headed anywhere. But croutons! Yes. Gone.

    2. I can't keep them in the house. Every time I pass by them, I scoop up a few. By the end of the day they're all gone. Rarely buy them for this reason.

      1. It's a favorite of mine.

        I love crunch. We stock up on the fat free flavored croutons when they're 99 cents a bag. We make our own about once a month, lasts about 2 hours.

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          I've been known to polish of a batch (crunch) or two. Always mean to keep them (crunch) for their intended purpose, that never seems to work out. (Crunch) oops. Oh well.

        2. Yes, and have three growing boys that will eat the entire batch before salad and dinner even make it to the table.

          1. Oh yes. Especially the garlicky, crunchy ones at a local deli. They are great with wine and a little cheese.

            1. my kids consider croutons as a major component of the meal, like rice or noodles, and will eat them in huge quantities.

              1. Do you mean croutons aren't intended as a snack?

                I make garlic parmesan croutons . . . and sometimes the leftovers even make it into a salad ;)

                1. I love to snack on them to. Rarely keep it in the house but really like dipping it into thousand island dressing since that is my favorite salad dressing.

                  1. Yes, I love them! But not as much as my brother, who used to go through a box or two a week as a snack. He lives with us and it totally pissed me off that I would never have them when I needed them for salads.

                    Now I make them weekly from day-old bagels I purchase from our local grocery store because I like homemade and there are so many wonderful variations to make. I *still* don't have them when I need them as they get eaten even more quickly, though I may have a secret stash hidden away. :-)

                    1. Absolutely! They are in the same category as chips, crackers, nuts...I can't let them into the house because one bag = one serving, regardless of the size of the bag. Home made croutons are even more dangerous because they don't require a trip to the store--one batch = one serving.

                      1. yes...just my home made croutons tho...can't let'em get stale, right? I'll have to keep in mind your hot pepper idea, nice

                        1. Yes. I always make my own, using good quality multi-grain bread, alot of garlic and dried herbs. My son's close friend snacked on them and I always made a batch for his birthday. I'd eat a ton more if I wasn't always watching my weight. But it's a (relatively) healthy snack, so alot less guilt than if I ate regular potato chips.