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I've been having a powerful lust lately for tacos. I don't care anything at all about tradition or nomenclature. You can keep your deep knowledge of the history and the exact oxford dictionary meaning of tacos to yourself, I just want ideas of tastey things to put in tortillas.

Recently i've done fish w/ shredded cabbage and hot sauce. Also Dianna Kennedy's shredded chicken that is cooked with some tomato, jalapenos and onion. then again dressed with shredded cabbage and this time some cheese. Also something that was a hanger steak w/ cumin and some grilled onions and peppers and a bit of cheese.

Next up is chorizo and potato. Dianna uses this filling for something a lil different but I think tacos will be good.

Also, because I think this comes up from time to time and there is an overwhelming amount of crap advice out there on the subject. . . .


If you can't get get fresh made ones, the ones in the bag aren't bad. RUB them with a bit of water, let them sit a minute or two in a stack next to your black cast iron pan (if you don't have this then why are you bothering to cook? ) that is getting medium hot. If you have a griddle its even better because you have more space. about 30 sec a side should do it. more if you like the brown spots here and there.

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  1. Rub with a bit of water and put over the open gas burner, they will puff a little and get nice burned spots.

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      "if you don't have this then why are you bothering to cook"

      Because I like to eat.

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        yeah, this would work but if you have a bunch of stuff going you don't have to watch the cast iron that closely as you would this

      2. Since you don't care about authenticy ... this is actually authentic, but most people would think they are not. Some of the best tacos are deep-fried. Use wrap that taco around ground beef and deep fry. Add shredded cheese, iceburg lettuce and salsa. The real name is tacos dorado ... and no ... they do not taste like what Taco Bell sells. Do not start with a hard shell ... start with a soft corn tortilla and fry.

        Here's a recipe on the web for an idea. They use potato which also works well.

        1. j8, funny, i just had my chorizo, potato and chile verde tacos for last night's dinner. I put cake racks over my gas burners on medium-and cook my corn tortillas that way. I buy fresh tortillas from a local restaurant but i also really like the Tr J's corn tortillas. Here's my recipe. Let me know if you try it!(btw,I'm a big diana kennedy fan):


          1. My favorite teriyaki place makes these addictive Ninja Tacos- like street tacos except the meat is all the crusty bits of chicken and beef for their beef bowls (you know, the ends) chopped up tiny, with teriyaki sauce, sriracha, and the typical cilantro/onion combo you see in street tacos. Can't be too hard to make, seems like a great way to repurpose leftovers, and so, so tasty. The cilantro brings it all together, east/west if you will...

            1. I often make tacos out of leftover chicken curry, with a bit of rice, something crunchy (I bet your cabbage would be great), sriracha and a dab of sour cream or yogurt.

              1. any ideas for pork tacos aside from carnitas? I'm thinking of something involving a marinade maybe???

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                    interesting. . . i had thought al pastor meant a spit was involved.

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                      I'm pretty sure that's why Bayless calls his recipe "al pastor style". His focus is on the marinade and flavors, rather than the spit, which most home cooks wouldn't be able to replicate.

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                    I made tacos from leftover pulled pork and cole slaw. :)

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                      I pick up some char sui at the local Asian market. Chop it up and fry hard for a few minutes in a
                      cast iron pan till it gets crunchy. Top with pico and yoghurt/red chilli sauce. You could marinate
                      the meat in an adobo mix for more flavor.

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                        Sounds wonderful. Good to see you posting again. You always have tasty ideas.

                        Is anyone using different types of tortillas such as blue corn?

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                          i don't find blue corn better than white for tortillas or chips.

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                            I agree in general. The only place they had a different taste was in Guatemala, but they were the thick type not used for tacos. The Mexican blue corn tortillas are mainly for a different presentation. They might be nice in a taco of lettuce and tomato topped with goat cheese, the dark taco contrasting with the white cheese ... or queso frseo, as the case may be.

                    2. lots of folk putting yogurt in tacos..... odd to me. is that if you can't find crema?

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                        j8, I am a big fan of spicy robust flavors and, hand in hand, i am a big fan of 'acid' and 'tart'; yoghurt gives me that w/ a lot fewer calories than crema or sour cream.

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                          I suggested yogurt on my chicken curry tacos because I like yogurt with curry. I usually use crema or sour cream with more traditional flavours, but I suspect others may sub yogurt either because it tends to have a lower calorie count or because they like the extra sour tang (which is what I think works so well with curry).

                        2. Breakfast tacos! Eggs scrambled with roasted poblanos, salsa verde, cheese, sour cream, etc. And recently Rick Bayless heated tortillas, then put cheese in between two of them, let it melt, then used the cheesy pair for a taco. Unconventional? Yes. Yummy? Yes!