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Oct 1, 2011 11:32 AM

Traditional Catalan--Fonda Gaig??

My husband and I will be in Barcelona in two weeks. We will be spending 5 nights there before we head up to Basque country.

Here's our itinerary so far:

Sat: late arrival.
Sun: Kaiku for lunch, Cerveseria Catalana
Mo: Hisop
Tu: Tickets
Wed: ??

For Wednesday night, we would like to find a moderately priced restaurant specializing in traditional Catalan, preferably in the L'Eixample area. We have a very early flight to Bilbao the following morning so we are not looking for a 3 hour meal.

Does Fonda Gaig fit the bill? Has anybody been there who can describe it, including cost? Unfortunately, their website has practically nothing on it and no menu. Any comments about the restaurant would be very helpful.

And if Fonda Gaig doesn't seem to be a good choice, do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fonda Gaig is one of the better traditional Catalan restaurants opened in many years. Modern ambience, lively, good service and finely turned food (not high-end dining). The menu rotate some and you will find traditional dishes such as bacala salad; salad of pears, jamon and honey; stuffed red peppers; canalon;, wild mushrooms should be in season so they migh tbe served with eggs, chicken, just sauteed; samfaina; duck with pears; a mix of meat and seasfood call mar i mantanya; suquet; simply cooked monkfish. Last year, two of us spent 95 euro for three courses each. Wine, etc, are additional.
    Others in the Eixample and less expensive:
    L'Olive has a large menu with many well-prepared traditional dishes (some more creative). Modern decor.
    Libentia: near the Sagrada Familia; we had a good dinner there early this year, small and simple decor.
    Vinya Roel: an excellent front wine bar; a sit down restaurant in the back with a large menu of well prepared dishes. More rustic ambience.
    Many tapas places such as PacoMeralgo serve traditional food. The dishes are just simpler and not served in courses. One can easily compost a full meal.