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Oct 1, 2011 10:45 AM

Dark Chocolate with salt [moved from Boston]

I've recently launched a quest to try as many kinds/variations of dark chocolate and sea salt that I can get my hands on....

thus far:

Lake Champlain organic Dark Chocolate, sea salt, almonds...expensive, and excellent. 60%dark, justt the right amount of favorite so far

Salazon Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt....excellent, perhaps a better chocolate experience than the Lake Champlaign bar..., but I miss the almonds.

Salazon Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar - yuck, wierd crunchy bits of sugar ruin the experience.

Chocolove Roasted Almonds and sea salt - A little mild for my taste, but nice...prefer a stronger dark chocolate.

Godiva dark chocolate, Sea Salt, chopped almonds: meh - nothing to write home about. Mightas well be milk chocolate (almost)

Tazo Salt & Pepper: I know that the grainy feel to this choclate is intended...I just didn't really enjoy it. I haven't tried making a hot-chocolate with this...

...and, there's anotherone that I can't remember the maker of. darn. really god, 70% dark...

I'd love to get recommendations of more chocolates to try....

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  1. You might want to go the other way. Currently l have over 40 salts, yes they are salty, but differences in texture as well in the degree of salinity make them quite distinctive. Try a fleur de sel on your chocolate of choice, or a Halen Mon, or a Hawaiian small pond, or a Murray River pink, or, or, or

    1. I recently tried Nirvana 72% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Caramel. See image here:

      I am pretty sure they have it at Whole Foods in Dedham, and probably elsewhere too.

      The Whole Foods in Dedham, in general, is a good place to browse chocolate bar choices. They have a huge variety.

      1. I really enjoy the dark chocolate with salted carmel bar at TJs. The carmel is runny once you break into it (which can get messy if you don;t eat the whole thing right away--and if I'm not sharing, i truly try to get a few servings from it). IT;s very tasty--chocolate is a nice darkness, salt level is just right.

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          i just got little dark chocolate covered caramels at TJs (sprinkled w sea salt) Also excellent.

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            We really like the TJs Dark Chocolate Bar [70%] with toffee, walnuts, and pecans. They don't list the sea salt in the name but it sure is in there! Never really noticed the toffee but it really is delicious. And at $2 a bar, you really can't beat it.

          2. whole foods has these amazingly addictive dark chocolate sea salt caramels. we're not usually caramel people, but let me say, these are unbelievable!

            1. Next time you're in Whole Foods, grab the version that Theo chocolate makes. They are the "Taza" of Seattle and that's one of their signature bars.

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                "Theo" was the name of the bar I couldn't was excellent!

                But I have since found what may be the be-all-end all Medecasse Sea Salt & Nibs - from Madagascar.... Expensive, but a bar will last me a week - and it is a stand-alone experience - plus, fair trade, local development company. The chocolate is excellent, and the nibs add the mildest, mildest coffee-bean like flavor, with tiny bit of crunch. Here's a link: