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Oct 1, 2011 09:48 AM

Quick! I need help! :(

i just planted some peppers and these little bugs r all over them in little clumps together. They like leave larva ang egs together in one spot and i think they r eating my plants because the leaves have holes in the every where. And how do i keep andts out of my plants? I have my plants in pots and ants are makeing colonies in the soil in the pots. I need help before my pepper plants die :(

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  1. Sorry hard to help you here without more specifics or at least pics to see the issue. Try insecticide soap, even a homemade soap water in a spray bottle could help. And it will still leave your peppers safe to eat.

      1. Ok thanks a lot. But can the ants kill my plant?
        And i can send pics but idk how to do it throught the website? Im new just made my account a week ago

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          Well then welcome Proofdaddy333.

          Try the soap first. Might make it unpleasing enough that the ants leave as well. Else, try this site, some good answers there.

        2. Thanks quine. Hey is it possible thats the eggs ang larva im seeing on my leaves are from the ants? I think its unlikely but maybe. I wouldnt know. How would i showbu a picture of them?

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            Ants build a nest underground, So it is unlikely. To add a pic, when you make a post, you will see at the bottom of the reply/post form, a "attach photos" Click on browse, select your pic from your computer. Then when you send your post, the pic loads into the thread.

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              Sounds like aphids maybe? Little ants "mine" aphids on plants, eating some sort of excretion. (The aphids harvest the sap and the ants get something out of that...I forget what.) Anyway, little ants sort of herd aphids on plants like cattle. If this is the problem, then insecticidal soap ought to take care of it right away.

            2. Well i cant get thenpicture. However i've looked at them more closly and they aprear to be little green bugs( about the size of a fire and but much more round than skinny) and they are eating the leaves. Ive put cayenne powder on and around the ant colonies in the soil so ill see what that does. But is the organic bug killer that was on the link is it ok to be sprayed directly on the plant?

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                The soap spray should be fine. Yeah pads and phones are great for output tough for input.

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                  Yep, sounds like aphids, which will attract little ants. Insecticidal soap is what you want, because you can just rinse the produce and eat it.