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Oct 1, 2011 09:41 AM

Russian Caviar in Prague

I really enjoy Russian caviar and it has become so pricey here in the states it is a very rare indulgence.

We will be in Prague in December and I would love to know a store that has good prices on Russian caviar so we can indulge a bit. It would also be nice to find a caviar bar where we can sit and enjoy a few different varieties.

Suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. I'm sorry, but since the Czech Republic is in the EU, you'd have to go to Russia for good caviar and then pay some extreme money to get it. I'll try to do some research for you but I don't give it much hope.

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    1. re: sasicka

      I was hoping that due to proximity it might be a bit less expensive than we see here at home. Someone mentioned Iranian caviar so we may try that as well if I can find some.

      1. re: sasicka

        sasicka, I don't get the point of your reply. Why can't one find Russian caviar because the Czech Republic is in the EU? There may not be any, but is that because of the EU issue? It can be had in the US and it's not in the EU.

        1. re: Mayor of Melonville

          It's because there are food imports limitations and safety requirements which are stronger than for the US and also because the customs and VAT is much higher than the sales tax in the US thus making it much more expensive. This all changed because of the EU accession. About 10 years ago, there was much more Russian caviar around and it was much cheaper.

          1. re: sasicka

            To Sasicka: " About 10 years ago, there was much more Russian caviar around and it was much cheaper" Which is why there was a total ban on export from Russia to fight poaching and try to save sturgeon from extinction. This has only just been lifted.
            If you find cheap caviar, either it is not caviar or it is illegal. It has nothing to do with the E.U. but with the overfishing of sturgeon.

            1. re: monchique

              I was not looking for illegal or cheap, simply wondering if there was anywhere to Prague to enjoy it for a bit less than here at home.