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Oct 1, 2011 09:07 AM

Stowe/Waterbury bars and restaurants

Any recommendations? American, Italian, French, or fusion. Thanks

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  1. Hen of the Woods in Waterbury is excellent. Pie in the Sky in Stowe is good for pizza. Michael's on the hill in waterbury center is yummy.

    Hen of the Wood
    92 Stowe St Ste 1, Waterbury, VT 05676

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    1. There are loads of recommendations for both places on this board, just search for both towns. That being said:
      Juniper's Fare (at the junction of routes 2 and 100) is the best breakfast in Waterbury. They have the best home fries I've had in Vermont, as well.
      Stebu Sushi (serving Wed-Sat, IIRC) is wonderful, love it. They're sharing space with a Pub (can't recall the name right now) on Main Street, but the sushi still rocks
      Ocha Thai: just real good
      The Reservoir: Solid food, mostly fresh made, reasonable prices
      The CiderHouse: I've not been in a while but my boss says the food here is still good
      Hen of the Wood as previously mentioned

      There are a lot of decent restaurants in Stowe, and lots more that are over rated and pricey. I'm just mentioning ones I have personal experience with most recently.

      There's a malt shop in the depot area that's good. I wrote a review of it last year but I can't remember what it's called now. good burgers, good shakes, yummy fries
      Mr. Pickwick's is decent, a bit pricey but solid food.
      Pie in the Sky is pretty good wood-fired pizza
      Hob Knob Inn (just had my anniversary dinner there on Thurs) is a bit over priced but I really liked the half a duck I had. My husband's strip steak wasn't anything he couldn't have gotten from my kitchen, though.

      Hen of the Wood
      92 Stowe St Ste 1, Waterbury, VT 05676

      Stebu Sushi
      4 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676

      6 N Main St Ste 2, Waterbury, VT 05676

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      1. re: Morganna

        Morganna - You seem to be the most knowledgeable 'hound in the area. Any advice for a California hound coming to VT next week. We are going to be on an organized trip so will only have a couple of meals on our own. Can you recommend a place or two in/near Montpelier, Woodstock Inn and Okimo (sp?) Thanks.

        1. re: lebdog

          In Montpelier I recommend Salt (really interesting varied menu (their menu through Oct 16:, Royal Orchid (Thai), Sarducci's (Italian with a wood fired oven), and Skinny Pancake (really really good crepes in a wide variety). I'd provide a link to my list of places, but just completely ruined themselves, so I haven't been able to recover my list of Central Vermont restaurants yet.

          I don't know much about Okemo or near Woodstock Inn.

          Skinny Pancake
          60 Lake St Ste 1A, Burlington, VT 05401

          3 Main St, Montpelier, VT 05602

          1. re: Morganna

            Thanks. We have reservations at Salt for Tuesday based on your recommendation I saw on another thread. Appreciate the help. Will post my thoughts on Salt.

            1. re: lebdog

              Looking forward to it! I haven't had a chance to get back there. :)

              1. re: Morganna

                Suzanne gave our group a great deal of personal attention at our dinner on October 11. The food was tasty and innovative. Suzanne told us they try to serve food that most people would not or could not make on their own. Hence, the homemade pasta and braised meats. I had the pork/celeriac "pot pie" and a small portion of the day's pasta selection. Everything was prepared under the watchful eye of a former professional food critic which means everyone involved sweated the details. I think the deserts fell a bit short of the savory items but I found this place well worth worth the short trip from town center. BTW, Morganna, Suzanne correctly guessed that you were the one who recommended the place when I told her I was there b/c of a review on a "foodie board."


                1. re: lebdog

                  *giggle* I adore Suzanne and I miss her reviews. I also love Salt a lot so I'm glad you found your way there and enjoyed. Which desserts did you order that fell short? (just curious) :)

                  1. re: Morganna

                    All 3 that were on her menu that evening.

        2. re: Morganna

          Are you thinking of Blackback Pub and Flyshop? It is one of our all time favorite places. Tiny bar with an outstanding, rotating tap list. Some light fare like local cheeses or a pannini or two. When we were last there in August they were in the process of expanding into the space next door. Selection of wines too, if you don't care for craft beer.

          1. re: RC51Mike

            Yeah, Blackback, they just expanded and they're offering Stebu Sushi now. :)

            Stebu Sushi
            4 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676

        3. We dropped into Pickwicks - english style pub and really enjoyed the food.
          If you like an extensive selection of beers and whiskies - YOU MUST try this spot.

          Love the pub style atmosphere and decor - staff was fun to talk to and attentive!

          There seems to be quite a few interesting spots in Stowe - but I have to tell you - next time we get a chance to get to Stowe - this would be our first stop again

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          1. re: few

            Mostly I do beer places in Stowe, so I like the Trappe Family Lodge, and Ye Olde English Inne (4 beer engines, and 25 taps!)

            1. re: kaszeta

              Just avoid the The Shed........not bad for a beer, but the food and service is way too hit or miss to recommend in good faith....

              1. re: River19

                The Shed's lease ends on October 31st and the owners say they haven't been offered the opportunity to renew. They are, it seems, looking for a new location to open in, but as of the article I've read (, they haven't found one yet.

                This is from the article in 7 Days:
                Next week, executive chef Tom Bivins is leaving his post to open a new restaurant. Crop Bistro will occupy the building that currently houses the venerable Shed Restaurant & Brewery on Stowe’s commercial strip.

                Chef-owner Bivins says his new place will open in mid- to late December. He’ll still teach a class at NECI, where Paul Sorgule, vice president of culinary education, will share leadership duties with vice president of food and beverage operations Kevin O’Donnell.
                [end quote


                I'm looking forward to some new local focused places (which is what this new place will be) and it seems like we keep getting a new one every month or two these days. :) There's been a lot of changes in the Stowe area.

                1. re: Morganna

                  While I always love to support local places, the loss of the Shed to the community is huge. They have been there for what, over 40 years, and to get thrown out of that location is unbelievable. The owner of the building should be ashamed. Plenty of real estate available in town for anyone to open a new restaurant.

                  1. re: tkln

                    While I agree that it is a crap thing to do to a long time tenant; since we don't know the details of the relationship, perhaps they had good reason to not extend the lease with The Shed. Chances are some of the inconsistency in the service, food, etc. at the restaurant is a symptom of bigger issues behind the scenes.

                    The brewery loss is a bigger loss in my opinion, their food was very very average. I mean a burger on an english muffin? Really?

                    1. re: River19

                      I agree, we don't know the full story. From what I've read (and I take everything with a few grains of salt) - the owners of the Shed had owned the building since almost the beginning. They ended up selling it to this out of towner about 5 or 6 years ago (IIRC) to cover the costs of the rebuilding after the fire in the 90s. It's just a sad turn of events that they had to sell the building and are now being thrown out of their home.

                      I actually know a lot of people who love the english muffin burger, lol.

                    2. re: tkln

                      I don't feel strongly about it one way or the other, I've never been there. I just don't get into Stowe very often, and usually when I do, it's for fine dining for my anniversary. Stowe's pretty out of the way for pretty much everything else we do.

                        1. re: Dave_in_PA

                          I don't ski. It holds no interest to me whatsoever. :) I do enjoy good food and hot chocolate, though. I love the hot chocolate with chiles you can get at Lake Champlain Chocolate, but Nutty Steph's just off exit 9 in Middlesex (not too far from Waterbury) has some fantastic stuff, too. :)

                  2. re: River19

                    I've had wonderful service and very good food at very reasonable prices at the Shed for many years. It isn't fancy, it isn't trying to be fancy.

                    1. re: lifeasbinge

                      I agree that I would never eat in the restaurant portion of the Shed; but for a burger, beer and wings, the bar was one of the only places in Stowe to go. I liked the atmosphere and the service at the bar was always good.
                      Not sure where I will go now - has anyone tried Rimrocks?

                      1. re: travelMerrill

                        Apparently The Shed has an agreement with some bar or pub in the area to continue serving their house brew. If you're interested I can look up the 7 Days article (just came out this week) about it.

                        1. re: Morganna

                          more interested in a good burger, beer, wing place. Some of the reviews of Rimrock's appear to be pretty favorable.
                          I did read in the Free Press that Otter Creek bought out all their equipment and will continue to make their brews. Good news for us fans of Mountain Ale!

                          1. re: travelMerrill

                            Rimrocks has upgraded their menu, I read an article about it recently though I can't remember where...the Rusty Nail was also included in the article, and they have new management and a new menu...haven't been to either recently so can't help there!

                          2. re: Morganna

                            Story came out this week that Otter Creek has bought the Shed's equipment and rights to brew their beer. I would imagine you will start to see Mountain Ale for sale in bottles and on tap at numerous bars/pubs in VT in the future.


                              1. re: travelMerrill

                                I was bummed about got horrible reviews for service but the few times we've been, had great service and food, and same with family who went on our recommendation. We did avoid it during peak times, which may contribute to our positive experiences...

                2. Love McCarthy's on the Mountain Road for breakfast and lunch. The place is packed on weekends and for good reason. Maxi's in Waterbury is good too. Used to like Gracie's too when they were in downtown Stowe, but haven't been since they moved to the Mountain Road. The old place was in a funky downstairs location with wooden booths and a bar, the food was good and usually packed.