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Oct 1, 2011 08:45 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Best Fish Congee in KL ... or Malaysia?

I felt Hon Kee deserved its own thread - I first heard of this place from Penang-based, KL Chowhound, OneBigMouth:

Had breakfast at Hon Kee's outlet in Lot 10 Hutong today, but I'd recommend a visit to its original eatery in Petaling Street (Chinatown) - there, I'm sure you'll get freshly-prepared "yau char kwai" (油炸鬼) instead of the cold, not-so-crisp ones you'll get from the Lot 10 Hutong outlet.

One thing's for sure - Hon Kee served the BEST Cantonese-style raw fish congee I'd ever had , ever! The congee was smooth and had a delicious, subtle flavor, tinged with sesame oil. The thinly-sliced raw fish, finely-julienned ginger, spring onions and fresh coriander were served on the side - I tossed the whole thing into the hot congee and let them cook.

I also ordered a side of deep-fried dough fritters/"yau char kwai" (油炸鬼) and a trio of very tasty par-boiled minced pork-balls. Whoa, am in culinary heaven :-D

Address details
Famous Hon Kee Porridge
93 Jalan Hang Lekir
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-2276281 (Mobile

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  1. I tried Hon Kee's 'shredded chicken' congee with you tiao at Lot 10 a couple of weeks ago... and I really wasn't impressed.

    Despite being topped with a generous portion of 'chicken', I got congee made with a fish stock... and I don't like that would explain why I didn't like it very much :D

    But aside from that, the 'chicken' was decidely unpleasant - it was more like string... _actual_ string. Tasteless, and no matter how long you chewed it for, it still had the texture of string in my mouth... blech!

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    1. re: GordonS

      LOL! Sorry. Must have been a shocking experience for you. I think Hon Kee's original outlet in Petaling Street (Chinatown) is decidedly better. The one in Lot 10 is manned by non-Chinese (Myanmarese/Nepali) staff who're just trained to put all the pre-cooked food/ingredients together, but without understanding the nuances of Chinese cooking.

      Soong Kee beef noodles stall at Lot 10 is the same - I'd only eat there if the old Chinese man (one of the owners) is around on weekends, with the young Chinese cooks who're probably his family members. Else, I'd only eat at Soong Kee's original restaurant near Chinatown. Once, I tried the Lot 10 outlet when only the Myanmar/Indonesian staff were in-charge - the noodles were gluggy and the seasonings were totally off. I had to leave the food unfinished after the first 2-3 mouthfuls.

      1. re: GordonS

        Hon Kee at Hutong Lot 10 seems to have diversified its offerings from mere rice congee to yam rice, served with a pork stew.

        The yam rice was piquant, well-flavoured, aromatic with the addition of dried shrimps and generous bits of yam. The rice is served topped with chopped scallions and crisp, golden-fried shallots.

        The pork belly stew was overly sweet (Malaysian taste preference, I presume), with a hard-boiled egg and a hard tofu, topped with chopped scallions and sprigs of fresh coriander leaves. The whole combination of yam rice + stew was very nice.