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Oct 1, 2011 06:54 AM

Asheboro, NC area recs needed

I'll be in the Asheboro-Seagrove area for a day or two in mid-October and will be looking for decent casual places for dinner and lunch. Any recs?

I'll be traveling through Lexington on my way and plan to stop there for some bbq so bbq does not necessarily have to be considered. But, then again, I never turn down good bbq.... Thanks!

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  1. Asheboro is a tiny town without much in the way of restaurants. Blue Mist BBQ is pretty good, if you're not "bbqed out". I think there is a relatively new, somewhat upscale place downtown whose name I can't remember. I seem to recall a chef from Greensboro opened it, maybe? A google search might uncover it.

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      The place i was trying to think of downtown is Timothy's. I have not been, so I have no first hand knowledge, but it looks worth checking out, although it may be more "fine dining" than what you're looking for.

      130 S Church St
      Asheboro, NC 27203

    2. A friend of mine was a judge for the 2011 NC Best Dish contest and Bistro 42 in Asheboro was one of the contestants. She liked it a lot. I think it placed 3rd this year? I haven't been, so can't say, but I trust her opinion. As has been said, there's not much in the area, but this could be promising.