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Oct 1, 2011 04:41 AM

Lamb Shank in Crockpot Recipe

Can you give me an amazing lamb shank recipe for a crockpot? I need something that is holiday worthy and no fail. Also, I'm going to get the lamb shanks from a butcher. Can you tell me if there is anything specifically I'm asking for other than "lamb shanks". (I've never used a travel agent or a butcher!)

Thanks for all suggestions!

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  1. That is a tough one... I use my crock pot a lot and I don't find it to be the best for "amazing" but I can definitely give you pointers on how to make tour dish delicious. You'll have to season liberally and then brown your lamb shank(s) (I can fit three to four in my CP) and to do this without dirtying a pan you can just toss them under the broiler. Also make sure you don't put raw onions into the crock as they impart a bitter flavor. If you keep carmelized onions in the freezer as so many of us hounds do that works.
    Use a good quality stock for braising liquid; I like Costco stock if not homemade.
    If you are going to use wine and or tomato paste, use very little as the acidity is magnified I'm crock pot cooking and can be too much.

    This isn't a recipe but should help you work with or adapt any recipe you get here. Hope this helps.

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      Thank you! You've given great advice. I hadn't thought of keeping carmelized onions in the freezer. Are you cooking them way down and then cooling and freezing in a plastic bag? How long will they keep in the freezer?

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        they keep for months.

        while i appreciate the convenience factor, i'm never impressed by crockpot results. the recipe below actually does make amazing lamb, and shanks will work just as well as leg.