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Oct 1, 2011 03:35 AM

Not-so-fancy place that can handle dietary restrictions

Hello folks--
we are back in Montreal next week and wanting to add a new restaurant to our repertoire (new to us, at least). Looking for a simple, quality place that can confidently accommodate, and provide a variety of options for, one gluten intolerant diner and one who doesn't eat game or organ meats.

We are looking at around $60 each for food excluding wine. Could be BYO or not. Plateau-ish, probably. Seafood would be good. We don't mind sitting at a bar.

We are considering 3 Petits Bouchons, le Petit Plateau (don't know how we managed to not get there yet...), and Chez Chose. Will any of these fit our criteria? Would Au Cinquième Péché be too limited?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Chez Chose
4621 St-Denis, Montréal, QC H2V 2L4, CA

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    1. re: sinjawns

      Game or organ meats are easy to spot on any menu, whereas gluten intolerance I would imagine is more difficult to manage. Where did you previously eat in Montreal ?

      1. re: superbossmom

        Won't list them all (way too many over the years), but of the commonly-mentioned in this area: Laloux, Lemeac, L'Express, La Raclette, Pinxto, Casa Tapas, APDC, Reservoir... all of these have been before gluten was an issue. I miss those days.

        Yes, obviously we can spot game on the menu-- we are looking for a place that can offer adequate choices for both of us. A couple of the places I listed don't post a menu, hence the request for advice.

        L'Express Restaurant
        3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

        Casa Tapas
        266 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1E6, CA

        1. re: sinjawns

          I am sorry you are not getting a lot of answers.I for one find it very difficult to give advise on dietary retrictions that I don't have experience with. If you were to eat somewhere based on my rec. and get sick, I would feel pretty bad.

          Here is a discussion about eating Gluten free in montreal that might be helpful to you: