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Sep 30, 2011 11:44 PM

Gregoria's Kitchen in Durham

Ate tonight at Gregoria's Kitchen, a new Cuban restaurant in Durham. Had an extremely positive experience and I can recommend this place without a second thought. We started with a great salad with nice greens and a generous portion of avocado with a light lime dressing, plenty for an amicable split with my wife. I had the Skirt Steak with chimichurri and onions. It was cooked perfectly medium rare and was suprisingly tender with great flavor. My wife had the Pollo Asado while friends had the Lechon Asado. Everybody was very delighted with their dishes. We also had their Black Beans and Rice which were also quite tasty. The chef is a Miami native with Cuban parents and her Mother's name graces the restaurant. The Chef and Owner both stopped by our table and were very warm and appreciative of our support for their venture. Prices were very reasonable for the quality of the food and excellent presentation. As a South Florida transplant who loves Cuban food......I need for this place to please get out and try it!

Gregoria's Kitchen
2810 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC 27707

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  1. Definitely sounds interesting. I've just put a bug in my husband's ear about it. Or maybe a chowdown (although I still really want to try the new taco place).

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    1. This sounds like the most intriguing new restaurant news I have heard in awhile. I had no idea that this was even in the works. It's in the location of the old Peddler Steakhouse, where I used to beg my parents to take me as a child, but they wouldn't do it because they said we can make perfectly good steak at home. (Restaurant dining in my family was reserved primarily for Chinese and Italian, cuisines which at the time were considered to have such exotic ingredients that they could not possibly be prepared at home.) In any case, I think this is a terrific location for a new restaurant, and the the place has a very inviting website and menu. I'll check it out asap.

      1. We ate there last night, 10/12. Had a great meal. The decor is very nice also. We have Relleno de Platano Maduro or sweet plantains stuffed with ground was fabulous! Also have Yuquita Fritas, Pollo Asado, and Vegetable Asado...everything was tasty. Service was great. We will go back and also recommend it!

        1. We gave this place a try with some other Chowhounds last night. Overall I'd say it was very good, but not great.

          The restaurant itself is lovely - located in an old house and beautifully appointed inside, though it was busy the entire time we were there and it got a bit loud, mainly I think because there was nothing to absorb the sound.

          I had the Lechon Asado, which was moist, tender and had a nice tang of vinegar. It came with grilled squash and avocado, and was very attractively dressed with a couple of crispy fried banana strips, which was a nice (and tasty) touch. My husband and I shared a side of maduros (fried sweet plantains) which were also really good. He had a salad and the New York strip, which he said was correctly cooked and pretty good, but not great.

          We shared some tres leches for dessert, which came in a large martini glass. I could have used a few more bites of that, but we both enjoyed what was there. I guess next time I should get my own :)

          I would have liked to see a few more choices of wine by the glass.

          Service was very good and the chef came out to see if we had enjoyed our meal.

          All in all, definitely a positive experience, though the food didn't knock my socks off. Worth a try for other Chowhounds.

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            Totally agree on the room and service. I thought it was a lovely place (it is in an old house so it feels homey and welcoming) but a bit loud - hard to hear at a table for 6. The service was above and beyond in some ways. Open Table had said there were no spots, but when I called, and explained that we had a group hoping to come early, they said they'd make sure we'd get a table, and then came over and then came over when we arrived and made sure we were happy, etc. Also agree that more wines by the glass would be a big plus, although they were happy to give me a taste of one I'd asked about (and good thing - I didn't like it).

            As the lone non-meat eater, I probably had the least successful meal. Not bad, just not great. And that probably makes sense given that the place calls itself a Cuban Steakhouse. I started with the fish tacos. Fine, not exciting. Lulu had the fried calmari and it was pretty much the same. Husband got the ham and cheese croquettes and said they could have used more cheese. He was very happy with his skirt steak entree; said without reservation he would recommend it. His also came with the fried plantain chips and he really liked those a lot, and the relish that came with it; also liked the black beans and rice that came with it. Lulu got a second appetizer for her main - the spinach and cheese empanadas. I think she'd filled up on bread at that point, so it is hard to tell what she really thought, but my husband had a bite and said they were on the bready side. I had what was called shrimp enchiladas. This turned out to be shrimp with a tomato sauce, not especially interesting. The rice that came with it was really nice. I think this place is great for meat eaters but just average (based on the 3 seafood things I tried) for those who aren't. But their geniality went a long way to making it a fun evening (as did the company).

          2. Not much time to go into a long review this morning, but we went last night and I'm with klaatu on this one. Please go and try this place. It's in a nice, comfortable space. Tuesday night is $5 mojito/$5 appetizer night and I have to say, both were excellent. My main dish (free-range pollo) was very good, but by the time I had indulged in all the appetizers we ordered, I had to take some of it home. I love apps and these were especially good: stuffed plantains, mussels with chorizo, and the croquettas. We also tried the salad with avocado - yummy! I'll be going back... a lot! Cute little bar, by the way.