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Sep 30, 2011 08:02 PM

Brisket Leftovers

Every year I try to find an interesting way to make brisket. No Lipton Onion Soup, chili sauce and beer for me. This year I adapted an Emeril Lagasse recipe for Jewish brisket for a crock-pot. It took about 18 hours and lots of overflow onto the kitchen counter, but it was moist and tender. None of that is bad, it was just IMO reminiscent of all those 50s and 60s briskets we had come to expect back in the day. (more about the recipe and the whole cooking affair here:


And while I started with something between 7 and 8 lbs, the meat weighed about 5-1/2 lbs after cooking. Still, with the chicken and everything else we served for the holiday, there is an abundance of leftovers. I gave some away to my guests. And I ate all I want of brisket sandwich on challah. Now I need ideas for what to do with the rest of it.

I think in the old days, brisket leftovers were the basis for knishes or kreplach. What can you suggest that doesn't smack of 18th Century Poland?

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  1. Fresh corn tortillas. Roasted salsa a la Frontera Grill. Yum.

    1. Slice it and freeze it in the gravy. A day will come when you will no longer be tired of it.

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        Honestly, I'm with Querencia, but being Southerners we've been known to treat it like pulled pork - shred it, pile it on a soft hamburger bun, and top with slaw.

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            When I make baked brisket, it is always for sandwiches on burger buns. I even do the dill pickle slices.

      2. Bbq brisket taquitos, or shredded bbq beef sandwiches. I like to shred the brisket heat it up pour your favorite bbq sauce and cook down, then roll in small flour tortillas. I freeze them and take out as needed and just bake in the oven.
        Machaca. Shred the beef sautee some onions, tomatoes, chile peppers then add meat and saute to dry out. Add couple eggs and scramble in, can add cheese and serve with tortillas.

        1. Chili, tostadas, a brisket Monte Crisco. I’m guessing when you say “doesn't smack of 18th Century Poland” you’re eliminating tzimmes? That, other than freezing and saving until I’m craving it again, is my favorite way of using up leftover brisket.

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            Tsimmes was part of the original menu so we don't need more of that.

            But I'm inspired. Thinking about brisket tamales. I've never made tamales, but this looks like the time.