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Metropolitan Seafood... GREAT new location in Lebanon,NJ

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Clinton, NJ has been the home of this magnificent fresh seafood market (serving amazing seafood lunch selections) for many years. Small and cramped, the seafood sparkled in its pristine display, the passionate product of the Drabich family's deep knowledge and love of quality fish. Lucky Clinton residents kept the old shop jumping, especially at lunch-time, when a half-dozen items were offered up for take-out. Did you ever had a fish taco, brilliantly cooked, a pair of them an awesome $7 lunch.

In that small seafood paradise were also fresh Lebanese breads, spreads, condiments, mid-Eastern delicacies-- a great and inexpensive extra virgin olive oil-- squid salad, fresh tuna salad... The listbwould go on and on. Customers were 2-deep all day long, you had a challenge navigating the diverse offerings... Well, it's all changed now.

Last week saw the opening of the new location of this great Market, in a brilliantly lit, well-designed, and ROOMY new space, right on Route 22 (number 1320 on the east side of the highway) that gives all this wonderful stuff room to breathe. The expansion is a seafood-lover's dream come true. NYC, San Francisco, Seatle, Boston all contain meccas for seafood. Believe it ir don't-- little Lebanon, NJ now has a place that can stand next to any of the great seafood markets in America. I kid you not-- Lebanon, NJ!!!

Look, get there if you are anywhere nearby, it is right off exit 20-A of Route 78 and it is an amazing place. Service there is incredible. The Drabich family passion has built a fabulous new venue that no lover of seafood should miss. Get on Mark's email list & be delighted. Metropolitan Seafood is one of New Jersey's venerable culinary treasures, and now it has room to sparkle. Go therre, and be delighted.

Metropolitan Seafood Company
1320 Route 22 West, Lebanon, NJ 08833, USA

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  1. If I recall from an earlier post, the owner (a big guy) promised Ambrose that he would wear a little red dress if the (already repeatedly delayed) new store did not finally open by March 2011. Looks like he missed his deadline. Ambrose - - did he fulfill his promise?

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      ROFLMAO! Yes, I remember the promise and I just looked it up. I live about 15 minutes from the new location and am somewhat tempted to go over and ask him if he plans to don the required apparel. Then I began to think, do I really want to see this guy in a little red cocktail dress? Er, maybe not, though a floor length red dress might be OK.

      I'm really glad Metropolitan Seafood has finally opened in its new location. I plan to get over there ASAP. Thanks Jodell for mentioning this.