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Sep 30, 2011 07:01 PM

John's Hero King in Hallandale

I'm a NY hound, and recently was vacationing don in Hallandale(loved it by the way) and was amazed when I stumbled upon this restaurant/deli. The original in Brooklyn on stillwell avenue is a local legend and one of my favorite destinations(live 40 mins away). I was amazed and thrilled to learn that an outpost(started by a nephew I believe) has recently opened in Hallandale on Hallandale beach blvd. I spoke with owner who advised that business has been OK. As a diehard fan of the original, and having experienced the same experience down in south Fl I feel obligated to urge my fellow hounds to try it. The roast beef sandwich with extra onions, mozz, and their black tar sauce is 2nd to none. A true original, and in my opinion destination worthy. The turkey with red onions and baby swiss as well. The potato croquetes are phenomenal as well. I'm obviously a huge fan, and I urge all hounds to try for themselves. I am confident you will not be dissapointed!!!!!!

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  1. The bread is pretty decent too. They par bake it in Brooklyn and finish it here! Also if you are a fan of Italian water ices they are one of 4 Florida locations with Uncle Louie G's.

    1. This is exactly the kind of stuff I come to chowhound looking for: chow!
      So I immediately drove out for the signature roast beef sandwich. The $8 hero version of the sandwich was well-proportioned, and the meat and fried onions were great. I hope it's not heretical to say, but next time I'd want it a little more "wet" (steak sauce, or another topping that is probably available but I didn't inquire about).

      I think the black tar sauce is an acquired taste - I did a search after to figure out what was in it and nobody seems to know. I think I tasted tamarind? it wasn't bad, but it wouldn't hurt to have a horseradish mayo, or an HP sauce in the mix as well.

      I'll also return to try the meatball hero.

      1. I went yesterday and thought it was pretty good, although I was surprised that The Godfather didn't come with shredded lettuce. I'll know to ask next time. The broccoli rabe was great. The rice ball with peas and sauce was OK, but I probably wouldn't get it again. The marinara that came with it was good though, so I'd like to go back to try it on a parm sub.

        Really, the main draw for me is the bread. Good Italian bread for this area.

        1. I went last Feb. and tried the hot roast beef with mutz & gravy and was very disappointed. Onions overpowered it. Didn't even finish it and haven't been back. Didn't like the rice balls either.
          My kind of place though so maybe I should give them another shot

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            Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but on my last visit to Hallandale in July 2012 I found out that Johns had closed!! It's too bad, because it was a great little neighborhood sandwich shop. If anyone knows if he's just relocated, I'd love to know, loved the chicken Parm sandwich and the prosciutto sandwich too!