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Sep 30, 2011 06:25 PM

that schnitzel place calgary

Let me preface this review by mentioning that I am on a quest to find a Calgary equivalent to the holy grail of sandwiches...the italian veal sandwiches found prevalently in Toronto. These sandwiches are piled high with fresh pan fried breaded veal, with a wonderful tomato sauce and optional hot peppers on a crusty kaiser bun.
Although the schnitzel place does not profess to sell such a feast of flavours, it does offer some interesting alternatives...cudos on their originality.
I ordered the chicken schnitzel dolce vita which consisted of a pan fried chicken schnitzel with carmelized onions and freshly sauteed bell peppers and a tomato sauce on a soft sourdough bun. The result was very good, however not quite the holy grail standard (perhaps only because of my expectation of what the holy grail looked like).
The sandwich was good and filling...the ingredients were all high quality and fresh. Price was considerably higher, $9.75, than the larger, tastier, italian veal sandwiches of which I was comparing ($6.50), but this is Calgary, and the market is used to paying more.
All in all, one of the better sandwiches in town

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  1. You won't find the equivalent of a California's in Calgary, the place you are speaking of. Neither will you find a Viinny's or a Mustacios mainly because Calgary is not a veal town, Veal is in fact a rare commodity here with grocery stores carrying very little of it if at all. Too bad.

    I did find a veal sandwich at The Italian Store but it was entirely forgettable.

    1. Shitty hours, unless you work downtown you're not going to get a chance to try this place. weekdays only, and then only until 7 pm. :( yea i'm a bit jaded as last saturday I drove 45 minutes through construction etc. only to find they were closed. i suppose I could've called first, but then again WHAT KIND OF RESTAURANT ISN'T OPEN ON SATURDAY?

      Not to mention that the color and font used for "schnitzel" on their logo is absolutely horrid and dated.... BLECH. sure it looked fine on the Tom Cruise Coctail movie cover, but that was 25 years ago!!!

      1. if you're willing to settle for breaded pork, try the cutlet parmagiana at Spolumbo's. Cafe Mauro might also be worth a visit.