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Sep 30, 2011 05:38 PM

7 Questions With J.J. Redick, the NBA’s Ultimate Foodie

" . . . the man with the smoothest jumper in basketball tells us how he developed his love of food, which NBA player he’s eaten with the most, and how to enjoy the Redick food experience at Chipotle and all over Orlando."

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  1. No foodie I know would admit to eating at Chipotle.

    1. His picks for Orlando Dining are pretty good, especially his 1 and two The Ravenous Pig, and Luma.

      I would take Seasons 52 out because its a chain, even though its a decent chain and replace it with another restaurant like The Rusty Spoon, City Fire or an ethnic spot like Memories of India or Anatolia.

      1. I can't take advice on food or anything else from a dookie. Signed, UNC grad.