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Sep 30, 2011 03:03 PM

Unable to get "Unread Posts" to open

I have long used a bookmark called "Your Unread Posts for San Francisco Bay Area". It has always taken me directly to that site. Today I got instead a box reading "Sorry we can't find that page". I tried to re-access it but can only get the full SF Bay page with those entries both read and unread and with no way to mark those I have read so I don't get them again. I tried re-entering the URL, no luck. Searched Chowhounds including this Board, no luck. Then when I went to the full SF Board page, I tried to click on a link within one of the postings there, and instead of going to that link I was taken to the same "Sorry..etc." screen again.

What is going on and please help.

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  1. We've just patched in a fix for some of the new_posts issues. Is it working for you now? If not, can you please right click your book mark, copy the path, and paste it here for us?

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    1. re: Engineering

      Pasted here is book mark, BUT before posting to this board I messed around with it so I am not sure this is the same as what I originally had. At any rate, this just gets me to the SF Board not to Unread Posts on SF Board.

      1. re: alfairfax

        AhHa. Here is bookmark from another browser which should be the original one that used to work. This one now gives me the same "Sorry, we can't find..." message as the other browser had gotten.