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Sep 30, 2011 02:38 PM

Eel other than sushi

I like eel. I know about the use of eel in sushi, and have favorite sushi spots at different price ranges. But what about other cuisines? I know there are some Chinese uses, including Sichuan, but what about others? And I know some Mediterranean countries use eel, but don't know of restaurants that serve it.

So, any favorite restaurants that serve eel?

I'm open to different cuisines and price ranges.

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  1. You may want to try angulas if you can find them at a higher end Iberian resto.

    1. Smoked Eel is delicious!! But I don't know of any restaurants serving it.
      It used to be sold in small shops along the Mosel/Germany along with a nice bottle of Mosel Wine. But, around here in the USA ( Fair Lawn NJ) I can buy it easily at our local Russian delicatessen along with other smoked fish.

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        Macy's, in the Cellar, used to sell smoked eel. Not sure if they still do.

      2. You could try Soto's eel dish. Eel covered with shitake mushroom slices and sea urchin, then broiled with soy-based tare sauce.

        357 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10014

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          Oh my that sounds wonderful! I also love sea urchin. I will put that place on my list

        2. There is also a Korean eel dish which is broiled with ginger and spicy bean paste sauce. Pretty good dish, but I don't know which restaurant in NY may have it.

          1. Can't give you restaurants, but just wanted to thank you for a "blast from the past". I grew up along the shores of Long Island, & trapping for eel was something we did every summer. Skinned them (which was a real trial), grilled them, & enjoyed them. In addition, our local seaside fish market sold them smoked, & they were FABULOUS!!! I sure miss them.