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I have a reservation tomorrow night and haven't heard any reviews yet. All I know is its related to Bottega Pizza. If anyone has been and can provide a review that would be great.

236 Rue St Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S 1K9, CA

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  1. Any chance you could give us a review on your experience? How's the food? I haven't seen the menu, but I get the impression it's still fairly high end?

    And what is this Bottega connection? As far as I know, it's the old Il Mulino owner and the chef that used to be at BU?

    65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

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      Il Mulino (now Hostaria) owner is father of owner of Bottega.

      65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

      236 Rue St Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S 1K9, CA

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        Ah, thanks

    2. I found this review but its only in french. Hope it helps.


      1. It's been opened for a few months. Has anybody else been?

        1. i went there a few months ago shortly after opening.

          The place was solid, different than il mulino (which isn't a bad thing), with a pretty good vibe. The antipasto was a lovely mix of various grilled veggies, olives, marinades cheeses and what not. I had the pappardelle with cinghiale ragu' as a primo and it was good, the sauce was quite flavourful and i remember it being either slightly overly salty or lacking salt, it's been a while. Had lamb as a main course with some awesome potatoes and a nice side of fava beans and ciccoria. can't recall desert but im sure it was good as well, the coffee was anyway.

          In short it was memorable, good no nonesense italian food, sort of like what i'm used to at home but a bit more refined at a fairly reasonable price. I remember the wine list as being quite extensive despite not choosing it.

          i'd go back and probably will

          1. so-so review in mirror this week except for pappardelle with wild boar ragú ($20). that does sound like an interesting dish


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              Yeah, I saw that, it really seems like one of those controversial places (in the sense that some love and some hate). So I may try it to form my own opinion one of these days (and try the pappardelle and wine list), but I won't take the chance and bring my group of 8 there, not when there are so many other options.