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Sep 30, 2011 01:20 PM

Best sushi in Fort Worth

Any recs on the best sushi in Fort Worth within a 10 minute drive of the Will Rogers Center. I want a place that has attentive knowledgeable staff, fresh fish (salmon being my favourite), a decent selection of sake, and moist well-prepared unagi. I'm more of a traditionalist so nouveau fancy rolls aren't a consideration. Piranha, Tokyo Cafe, and Sushi Axiom seem to be the most popular but I haven't tried any sushi place in FW so I'm totally open to suggestions.

Sushi Axiom
4625 Donnelly Ave Ste 101, Fort Worth, TX 76107

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  1. So far all I've found is hype about all the fancy rolls. I was in S. CA for 25 years so I have been used to nigiri sushi omakasi (sp). So you just ask the sushi chef as you sit at the bar and order as you go.

    I live very close to Wild Sushi which is right down the street from me, but I've discovered I can source and prepare better sushi for myself right now. They have been hit or miss for quality sushi and everything has to go through their servers, who are uneducated. I want to order directly from the sushi chef.

    I don't know where you are from, but I think you will be very disappointed with Fort Worth sushi.

    Wild Sushi
    4386 Western Center Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137

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      Decided against sushi based on your feedback and others. Ended up at Grace instead which ended being an over-seasoned, underwhelming and over-priced meal.

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        Just curious, but were you here for a horse show at Will Rogers?

        A sushi chef in San Diego told me that when he and other chefs would go check out a sushi bar, they were looking for just the freshest and simply presented fish. When lots of sauces and things were used that was the easiest way to disguise less than perfect fish.

        Don't get me wrong, I used to enjoy visiting with the chef and they would do some really creative things including rolls, so I'm not totally "anti-roll".

        As for your unagi, I understand that all of it is processed in Japan so the same unagi at any sushi bar is available at your Asian grocer. I always keep a package in the freezer and when I've ordered it at a sushi bar here it hasn't been good. When I make it at home it turns out just fine. That just doesn't make any sense unless it is thawed out and isn't cooked right away at the restaurant.

        1. re: Barbara76137

          I was there for the FW Music Festival - amazingly talented bands. The much-touted food truck scene at the show was terribly lacking though.

          So that's interesting about the unagi. My favourite sushi place in Toronto (where I grew up) actually prepares their own unagi. The chef told me that they ship the live eels over from Japan and he kills and prepares them is the most succulent unagi I've found anywhere. It is a higher-end restaurant though, and I can understand if most sushi places just use the frozen stuff that you can find at the Asian grocer.

          I wonder if there is any restaurant in DFW that prepares their own unagi?

          1. re: missanusha

            Curious, what is your favorite sushi restaurant in Toronto? I was there for business for over a month straight and ate at a lot of the good Japanese places.