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Sep 30, 2011 01:02 PM

Weekend Grilling

It is going to be a cool, sunny, gorgeous weekend in the upper midwest. I am planning on stoking up my wood fired Weber grill on Saturday and/or Sunday. I wonder what my first BBQ of the Fall season should be?

Note: Although they are two completely different things, I use the term "BBQ" to also mean "Grilling" and vice versa and would welcome ideas for both.

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  1. Thick Center Cut ~ BONE-IN Pork Chops.....A baked sweet Potato... A mess of greens would be good too!! :))

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    1. I can tell you're looking forward to BBQ over the weekend!! You didn't mention if you want to spend lots of time out there messing with it, or if you want something quick. If you want to spend lots of time, set up your Weber with indirect heat and do a medium rare roast beef - that should keep you busy for awhile!! (Unless, like me, you have a rotisserie attachment and the collar to hold it, then you just let it turn and check it now and then.) If you want something shorter, marinated boneless, skinless chicken thighs (10 mins. per side) or a marinated (or not) flank steak. All of it sounds good to me! In any event, enjoy!!

      1. I think a nice brined, spatchcocked chicken would usher in fall, a little bit of a nod to Thanksgiving, you know? Maybe some grilled pizzas with prosciutto and sage and fig for an appetizer? Grilled slices of acorn squash for a side dish?