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Sep 30, 2011 10:50 AM

Help with Lastpass password manager

Has anyone else used the Lastpass browser add-on to log into chowhound?

I've been using it with Firefox for the past several years, and all this time I've been experiencing an annoying problem when on the chowhound site.

With most websites, you can set Lastpass so that when you direct your browser to a website, Lastpass will automatically fill in your user name and password. It does that just once, allowing you to stay logged in until, depending on the website, you log out or you direct the browser to a different website.

Chowhound, however, is one of a handful of websites I've encountered in which Lastpass is activated whenever I try to move from one webpage within the site to another. So I am constantly being re-logged in during a browsing session. This happens even when I try to log out: I log out, then Lastpass automatically logs me back in, then I log out again. It's only after the second log out that Lastpass realizes that I don't want to be logged back in.

My question is, for any chowhound who is familiar with Lastpass, what are the optimal settings for Lastpass' auto login feature that will just log you in once and then will log you out with a single logout request?

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  1. Just now saw this as I have been having the same with almost all of my sites doing this! The only way I have stopped this is sign out of Lastpass and then log out of my site. But then you have to log back in when out want to have Lastpass log you into another site. Very annoying a and a big pain! I have searched everywhere for an answer and no luck!
    If you ever figure it out let me know and if I do I will let everyone else here know!

    1. I don't know much about LastPass, but is it possible it's being triggered repeatedly as you go back and forth from to pages? Your profile, for example, is on while discussion pages are on

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      1. re: Jacquilynne

        No this happens to several different sites not to just chowhound.