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Sep 30, 2011 10:45 AM

Restaurants near Anatole Hilton in Dallas

Any good restaurants within a 15-20 min cab ride of this hotel located on North Stemmons Freeway? In town for business and am looking to take out a party of 6. Thanks!

Stemmons Cafe
7800 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 160, Dallas, TX 75247

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  1. One of the best restaurants in town is right in your hotel on the top floor. Nana. Great food, great wine list and, great view.

    For some reason, Chowhound won't let the link open so, just Google it separately. Or, click on the link below and there will be a link to Nana.

    2201 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207

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      Can anyone help me by updating this post? I'll be in Dallas for 3 nights soon and was looking for something close to the Anatole for dinner - I am thinking tasting menus, someplace with great cocktails, fine dining… I like a good steakhouse, but don't have a huge appetite to tackle those famous bone-in rib eyes. I'll be solo and don't mind sitting at a quiet bar. Nana's is now Ser and Arcodoro Pomodoro is closed. I can't seem to find anything recent on Chowhound. Thanks!

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        You're close to the design district, so I'd recommend FT33. Awesome and creative cocktails, incredible chef's tasting menu on Tues, Weds or Thurs, and a delicious regular menu as well.

        1. re: gavlist

          FT33 looks great! I was also considering SER Steak + Spirits, Abacus and Belly & Trumpet. Your thoughts?

          1. re: amsquires

            I've never been to SER, and haven't been to Abacus in a very long time. Belly & Trumpet has some good stuff - in fact, a few of the flavor combinations I tried on my first visit were really creative and quite delicious. I'd say, however, that there were probably as many failures as successes, and it leaves me somewhat underwhelmed.

            I will say that two of Dallas' best bartenders have been working at Abacus lately, so it would definitely be a good place to grab a cocktail if your so inclined. Belly & Trumpet also has good people behind the bar.

            1. re: gavlist

              I just had the most amazing tasting menu and wine pairing at FT33! I have to say the flavor combinations were unique and perfect. I sat at the chefs table and enjoyed watching them put the menu together. The staff suggested these restaurants to try: Tei-An (Japanese and Soba house), Lucia (northern Italian), the mansion restaurant for modern French, yautia (sushi and yakitori) and Casa Rubia (modern tapas and Spanish). I won't be able to try them because I must go back to FT33. Gavlist thank you for the perfect dining recommendation!

              1. re: amsquires

                glad you enjoyed it. I really need to get back and try the current version of the tasting menu - I think that pretty much every dish has changed since I tried it last.

                All of those recommendations are excellent - I ate at Lucia last night, in fact (and it was delicious). I'm guessing they meant Yutaka for sushi.

      2. 15-20' can get you pretty much anywhere in Dallas. Can you refine your search more - are you looking for fine dining, a fun hangout, good cocktails/beer selection, something unique to Dallas... etc.

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        1. re: gavlist

          Thanks for the responses. We made an 8pm reservation at Nano, but that could be too late. Looking for something along the lines of fine dining, like an Emerils or Wolfgang Puck quality. Already have a res for Wolfgang's. Upscale fish and steak. AM intrigued by what would be unique to Dallas!

          1. re: freshstart19

            I have not been terribly impressed by 560... the food tastes reasonably good, but it's not terribly innovative. Stephan Pyles and Fearing's are more unique to Dallas - these two chefs were at the forefront of (maybe invented?) southwestern cuisine back in the day. Hattie's could be another place worth considering - they serve upscale southern cuisine. You could also hit up a steak place - I've always liked Del Frisco's on Spring Valley for the combination of atmosphere and food quality, but others seem to prefer Pappas Bros. And, while Japanese food is not particularly Texan, you might want to consider Tei An, which is outstanding... not least for their house made soba noodles.

            Assuming you're from outside of Texas, you might also want to seek out some BBQ, TexMex, or Mexican for a casual lunch or dinner.

            Del Frisco's
            5251 Spring Valley Rd., Dallas, TX 75254

            Stephan Pyles
            1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

            Spring Valley Cafe
            4100 Spring Valley Rd Ste 102, Dallas, TX 75244

            1. re: gavlist

              For amazing steak, I'd second Pappas also has the well-appointed upscale interior that you're looking for. If the whole group of you are from out-of-town then 560 is cool for the city views, but I agree that the food is nothing special (yet consistently good).

              Trulucks (stone crab claws and steak) and Arcodoro Pomodoro (Italian) both in uptown are also good options.

        2. Nana is about as fancy a fine dining room as you'll find anywhere in Dallas short of the famed, French Room at the Adolphus hotel downtown.
          I'm quite sure you'll be impressed and enjoy your meal.
          Mark Larocca, the managing director, knows how to take care of his diners.
          As for steak, Pappas Bros. is my first choice as well. And of course, Stephen Pyles on Ross Avenue downtown. Have the bone in, "Cowboy Rib-Eye".

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          1. re: twinwillow

            Thank you for all of your replies. We'll be checking them all out. Right now, we do have an 8pm res at Nana.