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Sep 30, 2011 10:21 AM

Healthy Private Chef

I am in need of someone to prepare and teach me how to cook healthy meals for my family.
On the east coast, I've heard of chefs coming to your home, preparing a variety of healthy meals for your family and then teaching you how to make the meals that your family prefers.

Does anyone know of a person/service like this out here? I live in the west San Fernando Valley area.
I've tried searches online, but am not coming up with a lot of options.

Thank you!!

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  1. A couple of ideas. You might ask the manager of a restaurant that you like that serves the kind of food you're interested in to suggest someone. Or....why not call one of the culinary institutes in town? I'm sure they have instructors...and students....looking for extra work.

    1. if i lived in your neck of the woods, i'd probably go to FOLLOW YOUR HEART, 818) 348-3240
      21825 Sherman Way,
      and ask the manager there or the cooks/chefs there for help.

      would not do this during lunch rush or dinner rush.

      1. You could try the find a personal chef tool at the American Personal and Private Chef Association

        There are quite a few listed in the Los Angeles area.

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