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Green tomatoes... need help!

I have a TON of large green tomatoes on the vine that I don't think are going to have time to ripen before they're ruined by the upcoming rain and cold weather. I don't want to waste them and I'm looking for ideas. Any suggestions are welcome. Just as a note- I love fried green tomatoes, but I'm not interested in making 20 lbs of them.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They pickle wonderfully and once pickled, will literally keep for years in the fridge. But they must be completely green or even white; the slightest trace of orange and they will turn to mush.

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      My grandfather had a huge garden when I was a kid and he'd end up with a bumper crop of green tomatoes at the end of the season. Grandmom pickled them, and then for Christmas made a 'salad' type condiment from green tomatoes, pickled cherry peppers and green olives with onion and celery
      Love pickled green tomatoes

    2. This won't take care of all your tomatoes, but try googling "Italian green tomato pie." It's a classic, and can be mondo delicious.

      1. I made green tomato relish. The recipe is in older Joy of Cooking, and is work one hot and sweaty day in the kitchen. We love this as a small side, on turkey sandwiches, gosh, just about anytime you want something sweet/tart.

        1. Justin Wilson made a green tomato casserole with cheese, onions,olive oil, garlic hot sauce, bread crumbs layered which I often make. You can improvise with your own seasonings and additions- olives would be nice for instance and I often add eggplant. It will freeze well in the dish, so you could make multiple dishes.

          1. Make Chow Chow! It's great on brown beans, hotdogs or anything you want a relish on.

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              Thanks for all of the suggestions! Pickling sounds awesome, and I'll have to dig up a green tomato pie recipe too.....

            2. Put the green tomatoes in a box in the basement and keep them covered so that it is dark. They will eventually ripen and turn red. This way, you can enjoy fresh tomatoes well into the autumn season.

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                I made this recipe with green tomatoes instead of tomatillos and it was fantastic!:


              2. I'm attempting a green tomato ketchup tonight because I too have an abundance of green tomatoes with a reasonable chance of frost tonight. Will report back!

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                  I tried this. It was supposed to require a water bath for canning, but the processing time, among other things, seemed suspect to me. I wound up tweaking the recipe and making a spicy green tomato sauce, which I rather liked. I froze two containers and have the third in the fridge. It is nice on eggs and I'll put it on some pulled pork I have in the freezer.

                  Last night I did make a green tomato-walnut bread (a sweet quick bread) that is quite good--moist and full of autumnal flavors (just in time for our return to 80-degree F weather)!

                2. We had a bunch a while ago, and I learned that they can ripen...wrap them in newspaper, and put them in a box with a top on it...I put it under the bed. And they did get red and pretty tasty. Don't know how it works but it does.

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                    The reason why it works, is because of the ethylen gas produced by tomatoes. If you want to hasten the ripening process, put the green tomatoes with some allready ripe ones, or with apples, another big producer of ethylen gas.
                    Avocadoes can be ripened like this too - actually any fruit that can ripen after it's been picked can be treated like this!
                    :-) - I knew watching tv would be useful one day!

                  2. /http://tipnut.com/green-tomato-recipes

                    Here is a link with 25 green tomato recipes! Some near the bottom of the list are quiet different! I will have some green toms to deal with as well, so I'm glad you asked!

                    1. Chutney...! I've made it in the past and it keeps very well in the freezer. Here's a Google page full of various recipes. Take your pick...

                      1. In addition to suggestion above - particularly chow chow, pickles, and chutney - I'd suggest preserves. They're a great alternative to marmelade. Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis have a good recipe, and I'd highly recommend their recipe for scalloped green tomatoes.

                        1. Any kind of tart. pie, tian, or gratin is absolutely delicious. Think of the flavor they take on when fried (just without the crust) and multiply. Here are a few ideas, but it best to just throw it together with your favorite crust, herbs, etc. It is good with dairy or without.

                          1. DH canned a couple of jars of green taco sauce made with the rest of our green tomatoes. I tasted a little spoonful and it was pretty good.
                            He also put up a few jars of dilled pickled green tomatoes with garlic. Just opened one yesterday, and it was tangy and yummy.

                            1. Try green tomato mince pie filling:

                              Try green tomato salsa verde (could be cooked or fresco):
                              green tomatoes, jalapenos, red onion, garlic, lime juice, cilantro, cumin, oregano, s&p

                              Try green tomato muffins:
                              1 cup (or more) green toms diced, 1/2 cup apple sauce, 2 Tbsp oil, 1 cup milk, 1 cup b.sugar, 1 tsp vanilla
                              1 cup each white flour, ww flour, and oats, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp each nutmeg and ginger, and garam masala if you like
                              Lots of chopped walnuts, could add dried cranberries too
                              Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.