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Sep 30, 2011 09:08 AM

Bug report: Weird internal linking behavior

I've been experiencing two odd phenomena today, both of which result in me getting redirected to the Chow 404 page. Not sure if they're related.

One is when I click on my longstanding bookmark (in Firefox 6.0.2) to go to my own profile page. Today I consistently end up on 404: not found. The address shown at the top of the 404 page is my correct profile address, but I can't get there directly. However, from the 404 page I have no trouble following the link to the main Chowhound page (, and can then click on the link to my profile at the top right and get there just fine.

The other is that several times today I've clicked on links in posts that should take me to other Chowhound threads, and again I end up on 404: not found. But with these I can clearly see why: the address that shows up at the top of the 404 page has extra stuff appended to it, a partial double address.

For example, in this thread ( there is a post containing a link that appears to be: But if I click on this link, it actually tries to take me to<..., which is of course unparsable.

It's unclear whether this is a result of how the links were pasted into the original posts, or how the Chow server is interpreting them, but I've never seen it before and it's happened a few times on unrelated links, so I suspect the latter.

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  1. Hi BobB,

    We are aware of the issue. We pushed a major infrastructure change yesterday and are still ironing out the bugs. There is another thread on Site Talk where this issue is being discussed. I would put a link in here, but... uh... ;)

    CHOW Eng

    1. I was going to report the same thing. It's being discussed in the thread for "Site Maintenance - Today (9/29)"