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BBQ place that serves Brisket

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Any worthwhile BBQ places that serves good brisket in L.A. or O.C.?

Link: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com

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  1. Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ in Van Nuys has really good brisket.

    I write the next sentence with trepidation, fearing the backlash that will happen: the brisket at the Swinging Door in North Hollywood is not very good. It tends to be tough.

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      I agree with both. Dr. H.W. does a fine brisket. I would prefer mine without the au jus like liquid that they serve with it. I get mine without it & it's much better. As for the swinging door, they just don't match up to the threads of their stepford like faithful.

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        phillip's has really good brisket.

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          I had the brisket at barnburners on fair oaks for lunch today. pretty darn good. good mac n cheese and cole slaw sides. attractive, attentive staff. good place.

      2. Dr. Hogley Wogley's on Sepulveda, South of Roscoe Bl. in Van Nuys has really good BBQ brisket.

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          Reality Check

          This is a great question. When people ask "Which is the best BBQ?" it's too vague. Some places make great ribs but if you want brisket, that same place may have very average brisket.

          Dr. Hogly IMO has terrible brisket.

          The Beach Pitt is one of the worst BBQ places ever. I've had the pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. All were terrible.

          I like Phillips and Tasty Q brisket.

          Burrell's in Santa Ana isn't too bad.

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            The Beach Pit BBQ serves some of the best authentic southern BBQ around. The sauce is fantastic and all of their meats especially the pulled pork and brisket are 1st class.

          2. Zeke's brisket is unfailingly succulent.

            1. I haven't tried the Brisket at Porky's, a new place in Inglewood on Manchester West of the Forum.

              I really like the pulled pork sandwich and the hot links and ribs are good. (If a Chili Head, you might ask for the hotter sauce.)

              I'm looking forward to trying the brisket. I am optimistic and I will report back.

              1. Every time I go to Hoggly Woggly's, I have the brisket. About 20% of the time, it's tough and hard to chew. The other 80% of the time, it's as good as barbecued brisket could possibly be.

                The brisket at Porky's in Inglewood is excellent. The brisket sandwich is one of those sandwiches that's too big and messy to eat as a sandwich but it's very good. Plan on taking half of it home with you.

                I would put Zeke's in third place behind them.

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                  Having had brisket at Porky's just yesterday, I'd have to concur. It is excellent, and the sandwich is very big indeed. I am also - strangely, since I'm not that fond of anything else there other than the burger - usually pleased by the brisket at Zeke's.

                2. i enjoyed the brisket at canyon city bbq in azusa - i've only tried it once so i cannot comment on their consistency - i strongly suggest YOu get there earlier in the day - same with burrell's and basically any bbq place - the fresher, the better - my local bbq - hungry al's ( though canyon city is about the same distance from me ) is an example as to consistency and definitely a place where the food is better earlier in the day

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                    I second Canyon City in Azusa. I've been there several times, and while the other meats vary in consistency (they're still always good, just sometimes a little dry) the brisket is always tender and so damn good.

                  2. Beachwood BBQ, haven't tried it yet, but it looks good and others said it is quite yummy.

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                      Brisket at Beachwood is delicious. I haven't had anything there yet that I wouldn't have again (ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork).

                    2. Would you believe the new Whole Foods Market in El Segundo had some pretty tasty bbq'd brisket last night? We asked for a taste and it was moist and tender. It's at a carving station.

                      1. The Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks makes great brisket.

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                          I will second that thought. Boneyard's brisket is great, but I also like most of the rest of their food as well, and especially with half priced beers or wines on certain weeknights. Great combination for dinner.

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                            Western Smoke House on Overland Avenue and Rose? in West LA, has a decent Texas style brisket. I've had the sandwich a couple of times and enjoyed it. The sides tend to be uneven and they're cash only. It isn't destination barbeque but other than Mr. Cecil's (which isn't actually barbeque) its one of the few places on the Westside where you can satisfy the urge.