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Sep 30, 2011 06:19 AM

Dish South Side PGH-- Italian

I have been wanting to check out Dish for a good while now. However, I would like some more opinions or suggestions on what to order or stay away from. Also, any other off the radar type Italian Places would be nice.

Lida's is not too shabby, I enjoy thier pasta more than Piccolo. Piccolo sauces imho were a let down from thier pizza. Thier red sauce is too powerful to me, in a awkward way. Even though the prices make is much more easier to give it mulitple returns.

To date my fave ragu is at La Cucina Dolce -- Spicy Lamb Ragu.. The place in general can be hit or miss and on the pricier side of Italian... However that Ragu was won me over.

As always thanks for all the help, the PITTSBURGH section of Chowhound is BY FAR the best (most trusted) source I know of on the internet !!!

La Cucina Dolce
4366 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA 15146

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  1. Augie: "Piccolo sauces imho were a let down from thier pizza. Thier red sauce is too powerful to me, in a awkward way."

    Augie, did you find the sauce too hot? I had that experience a few months back with the lasagne. I let them know, but I haven't been back since. When did you eat there?

    Oh, and I have never eaten at Dish.

    Dish Osteria Bar
    128 S 17th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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    1. re: Jay F

      Thier Gnocci's is what I had a huge issue with.. , hate to say this but all around horrible dish. I do not think the sauce was spicy from red pepers , but rather an way OVERPOWERFULL spice of either basil or oregano not really sure. It was almost hard to choke down. The gnoccis thierself were very "mushy" for my taste.. I do enjoy a lighter gnocci , but these were almost like under done dumplings.

      I never posted this negative response about Piccolo just because almost every other meal I had there was very good. Lasagne was good, ( different than what I am use too) very creamy and seemed like a million layers. I also tasted some other dishes with a cream and butter sauces enjoyed those as well ..Pizza is by far one of my fav in Pittsburgh.

      However the Red Sauce is not for me.. maybe a fluke or not.. probally wont take a second chance at it ..

      1. re: Augie6

        I had their gnocchi once, too. Same criticism as yours, but I've never been a big fan of gnocchi no matter who's making it.

    2. Don't have a bad thing to say about Dish. It's been my go-to place for late dinners on the South Side for years and 1st rec for when newcomers need a great place to go. It's an oasis just a short walk off the mess that is Carson St. (at least on the weekends). Even with a full house, they've always managed to fit us in without too much trouble (I always call ahead if I don't already have a reservation). We usually cut a fairly wide swath across their menu and can't remember any disappointing dishes. Reliably delicious and just a nice place to be.

      1. Haven't eaten at Dish twice and had excellent meals both times. My wife had one very bad experience there with a fish dish that she said was inedible, and she is not one to complain, particularly about Dish, wish she loves. If you go to Dish, scallop dishes are always excellent, as are the pastas. Have also had just excellent panzanella salad there. They always include a nice seasonal touch to it, when they have it.

        1. Dish: the calamari - grilled with lemon and fried spinach -- is always good. Other items I've enjoyed have been the mushroom pasta dish and mushroom bruschetta.

          1. About six weeks ago I had an outstanding pasta at Dish. It was Spaghetti with Bottarga, and it was very very good.

            Our waiter was hideous, though.