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Lambertville NJ area

Going to a wedding next weekend. Posted this on PA board also. Looking for a good restaurant for dinner for six people.

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  1. Cross over to New Hope and go to Marsha Brown. The food is excellent.

    1. FYI....their crab cheesecake dish is delicious!

      1. I prefer Marsha Browns for lunch at the bar, and yes, the crab cheesecake is ridiculous. For dinner:

        Hamilton Grill Room
        Cafe Galleria

        New Hope:

        All of these restaurants are BYO, and I have not had a bad meal at any of them.


        Cafe Galleria is small, but their simple menu is great and the prices are fabulous. Call ahead for a reservation!

        Rick's: there can be a line here, but all you do is sign in on the clip board hanging on the wall. Stick with the specials and homemade pasta's! Good place!

        Hamilton Grill Room: gorgeous place to sit outside in great weather! And do drinks across the way at The Boat House before or after dinner! Charming little place!

        All restaurants listed are BYO! Hope that helos! -mJ

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          Cafe Galleria is temporarily at Lambertville House because of flooding.

        2. For something different and casual, try El Tule which is a Mexican and Peruvian restaurant. Their Peruvian dishes are great. They are also BYO. I also like Hamilton Grill Room (have drinks at the Boat House next door).

          Boat House
          8 Coryell St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

          1. Since you say Lambertville AREA, I'm going to suggest that you drive for 20 minutes and go to the Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell. This is simply one of the best little restaurants in the state and has come in for very high praise both on this board and elsewhere. It's excellent, it's BYO and it's very popular. If you want to go on a Friday or Saturday, reserve now.


            Blue Bottle Cafe
            101 E Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525

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              Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We only have time for one lunch and one dinner so I will let you know what we decide. We will be with other family members so I will have to review all the suggestions with them. Thanks again.

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                Seconding ambrose. I LOVE Lambertville-New Hope for dining options, but my hands-down favorite is Blue Bottle. It's not very far away at all, and totally worht the trip.

                Blue Bottle Cafe
                101 E Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525

              2. Lambertville is a restaurant town, a lot of good places in the town, no need to travel anywhere else IMO.

                In addition to the ones already mentioned by njfoodie, consider:

                De Anna's
                Lily's on the Canal
                Lambertville Station
                Bell's Tavern.

                I wish Northern NJ had such a nice collection of good restaurants in a small area. Lambertville is a great place for restaurants!

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                  I couldn't agree more, although I do look forward to going back to Blue Bottle!

                  We've had good meals at a lot of the places you mention above menton1.

                  The one time we were at De Anna's (during the Shad Festival), I was underwhelmed a bit, but I would go back.

                  I enjoy Lily's for lunch, but have never been there for dinner. Is it the best place in Lambertville? No, but it has a nice environment and pleasant service.

                  Lambertville Station is exactly what I expect it to be. Nothing great by any means, but OK.

                  Anton's is good, and the chef has some talent. Will be having a wine dinner there again in November and looking forward to it!

                  Bell's is the dark hole here, and the only place we need to get to! I've heard plenty of good things about the place though. -mJ

                  1. re: njfoodies

                    We've eaten at Bell's a few times over the years - nothing special but it just happened to fit the bill a few times. But the last time we were there, which was in the past year, the food was absolutely awful & the service was gruff and sub-standard. We won't be going back.

                    1. re: flourgirl

                      Totally agree with you about Bell's Tavern. We only went once but had such an awful experience that we will never go back. Food was substandard and the server and barternder were rude, rude, rude.

                2. For either lunch or dinner, I strongly recommend Hamilton's Grill Room -- I think it's the best option in Lambertville/New Hope. The setting is great, the menu is classic, and the food is very good. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside. And another plus is the little bar across the courtyard -- a great place to start the meal or while away an afternoon.

                  Anton's at the Swan is a restaurant that gets mentioned often. I'm not a fan. The bar is cool, but the food was really bland and uninspired. Lambertville Station wasn't much better. It's cooking without any ambition or personal investment.

                  Hamilton's Grill Room
                  8 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530

                  Lambertville Station Restaurant
                  11 Bridge Street, Lambertviile, NJ 08530

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                    Couldn't agree more on the bar at Anton's at the Swan. Now that I think of it, I have never even eaten in the actual restaurant, and just eaten off the bar menu. Was there Tuesday night as a matter of fact, and still think they have one of the best burgers around. Definitely in my top 5 in NJ... -mJ

                  2. My favorite in Lambertville used to be No.9, but it sadly closed recently. Any word on the place that's taken over the space?

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                      Yes, the place that is taking over No. 9 is called Brian's. The Chef will be Brian Held who used to run Rouget in Newtown, PA. It will be BYO. Rouget received great acclaim as one of the better BYOs in the suburbs, and very positive write ups in the Philadelphia Inquirer. It really should be a great addition to the Lambertville dining scene.

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                        Any idea when they are supposed to open?

                        1. re: njfoodies

                          We are lvg for the wedding tomorrow and still undecided where to have dinner tomorrow night because I keep emailing my cousins and no one has answered me back. We are going with six people. I am leaning towards Hamilton grill or Marsha Browns. This would be for dinner tomorrow night and now I am thinking without a reservation we will not get in anywhere. My husband and I will be on our own before the wedding on Sunday so we are thinking of doing an early lunch somewhere. Thank you all for your comments.

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                            I would do lunch at Marsha Brown's opposed to dinner, but that is just me. You might be surprised if you call Hamilton Grill Room, and may still be able to get a reservation there. I can't tell you how many times on a Friday night we've walked in there between 7-8PM and gotten a table. I think a lot of it has to do with a gorgeous blonde batting her eyes towards the older gentleman who is always dolled up in his suit serving as the maitre d', but who knows.... -mJ

                            1. re: njfoodies

                              Oh that is funny. I am skeptical if I make a reservation, and then my cousins do not want to go there, could I cancel say tomorrow early afternoon if I had to?. Money is not an issue with my husband and I, but I am not sure about my cousins as we all live in different states so I have never had dinner with them before. Yes I think my husband and I will go to Marsha Browns for an early lunch on Sunday.

                              1. re: razkel

                                So long as you cancel a few hours before your reservation, I am sure they will understand. I always try to cancel 4-5 hours ahead of time as I think that is common courtesy. I know too many people that won't even call to cancel which to me is extremely rude! -mJ

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                                  That shouldn't be a problem. Hamitlon's Grill doesn't sell out at every meal, so they're not terribly psychotic about reservations or the lack thereof.

                            2. re: njfoodies

                              All I heard was this fall. They closed the restaurant in August in Newtown. Do not know when the space became available at No. 9. My guess is before Dec. 1, but I am just speculating.

                              Their website is http://brianslambertville.com/ which says November. opening.

                              1. re: njfoodies

                                We ate at Rouget the last week it was open in Newtown and they told us they hoped to be open in late October.

                          2. BTW, I was perusing Lily's on the Canal's website and noticed wine on the menu there. Isn't this place a BYOB? How did they suddenly get a liquor license?

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                              Menton1, you'll notice that all the wines available at Lily's are NJ wines. State law allows restaurants without a liquor license to sell NJ wines as long as the winery and the local authorities (in this case the city of Lambertville) agree. Many restaurants do this. You can still BYOB.

                              1. re: ambrose

                                Good info Ambrose, and I always wondered that same thing. There is also a wine shop on the New Hope side of the river where you can go and taste, but I don't think this store is PALCB related. I could however be wrong. I'm not sure if they are just PA wines, but I do know they have a lot of them in there.

                                Regardless, we always BYO to Lily's as the NJ wines leave a little bit to be desired. -mJ

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                                  Ok we are back. Cousins did not want to make a reservation for Saturday night as I had suggested. However, my husband and I missed the turn for 287S after cmg across the Tappan Zee and we ended up two exits up on 87 and we did not arrive t the hotel until 5. So the six of us went walking around New Hope looking for a place to eat. Everything was mobbed. Finally got to eat about 8 pm at Logans Inn, which was just okay. The next day my husband and I went to look for The Hamilton Grill for lunch. I have to say it was not the easiest place to find, no signs and down a small little alleyway or whatever. They were closed for lunch on Sunday, so we kept walking around and ended up eating outside at Lily's on the Canal, which we enjoyed. Thank you all for your suggestions. Wedding was fantastic.

                                  1. re: razkel

                                    Yes, razkel, Lambertville & New Hope are a nightmare on Sundays. They are a totally different animal on weekdays... Parking is a nightmare, places are overcrowded, Sunday is THE day to be in those 2 towns, for whatever reason, they are wonderfully situated, lots of touristy shoppies, etc. I prefer Lambertville to NH, but Sunday is not a good day to be in either town.

                                    If you can only get there on a Sunday, head 5 minutes North to Stockton, NJ; Lots of peace and quiet here. Meil's is an old favorite for comfort food, the Stockton Inn's new incarnation (No more wishing well?) is much better than in the past, and I hear good things about Via Ponte, in the old Atrio space. Lots of free parking in Stockton as well!

                                    P.S. There is a terrific liquor store in Stockton on Bridge St, good to stock up for your BYO meals!

                                    Via Ponte
                                    13 Bridge St, Stockton, NJ 08559

                                    Stockton Inn
                                    Main Street (corner of Bridge), Stockton, NJ 08559

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                                      Friday nights once the weather turns cold are great. The towns are pretty empty and you have your choice of where to go.

                                      1. re: Heatherb

                                        I have to agree, 3 of us went to Bell's in Lambertville, absolutely horrible, they must be to comfortable being a busy restaurant, the quality of the food is below average, the olive oil is not olive oil, and expensive to boot, never again