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Sep 30, 2011 05:43 AM

Best Brunch in Reston Area?

Anyone had any good brunch in Reston lately? Need a good rec for Sunday; price is pretty flexible and we're just looking for some good American style breakfast offerings (though would be open to French cuisine as well).

We've fairly recently done Market Street Bar & Grill. Was considering Trummer's on Main (Clifton) or Mon Ami Gabi (Reston). What else is out there that you would recommend?

Mon Ami Gabi
7239 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

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  1. For what it's worth, we ended up going to Trummer's on Main. It was OK, but not excellent (a bit of a disappointment since I've been for dinner in the past and loved it).

    I had the oatmeal brulee to start. The oatmeal itself and vanilla foam topping were really good, but there was a fruit compote on top that was really too bitter for my liking. I also missed whatever the brulee element was supposed to be, no crunch anywhere in the dish.

    In between courses, I had a titanic martini, really nice cocktail.

    For my main I had buttermilk pancakes, which were supposed to be served with smoked brisket. The pancakes themselves were a little tough. Instead of brisket, my dish came with pork belly. It was tasty, but I really love brisket and am not really a fan of pork belly, so I was a little bummed about the substitution (especially with no warning). I also really like to drown my pancakes in syrup, and there was a light drizzle on them, but no more syrup. I forgot to ask our server for more when he came by, so that was my fault.

    My friend had the toast and jam to start (OK, but nothing remarkable), and the french toast with fried chicken for the main. The french toast was really flavorless and soggy, and the fried chicken was several different chicken cuts rolled into a log and then fried. Interesting idea, but it was really greasy and heavy.

    Overall, still love the atmosphere and the service at Trummer's, but I think I'll stick to cocktails and dinner from now on.

    1. MAG is a good bet and they at times have live jazz. Il Fornaio is a nice setting with, obv, a slant toward Italian but the usual brunch suspects are offered on the menu.

      I have not been to the Passion Fish brunch but I am told it is excellent. Problem, for me, is it is a set price with a considerable amount of food. I prefer to order a la carte but, hey, that's me.

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        Thanks wristband, will keep those in mind for the next time we go out! I didn't even realize that Il Fornaio did a brunch, I've eaten there several times for dinner and really enjoyed it.